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  1. TORonto Blue Jays! 3-0 Over the Yankees!

  2. Hey Bubs, Join in the Prediction league.

  3. welcome to the prediction game

  4. Lol your birthday is the same as mine!

  5. Thank You Kes for a great canucks season! I cant wait 'till you play next year :D
  6. yeah, its my favorite show

  7. Hey u like Trailer Park Boys to!


  8. Instead, just keep saying "69 dude" to yourself, giggle accordingly and pass it on. Nothings over yet, not be a long shot. You are so right!, that's what happened last year the Canucks weren't of to a good start last year but after Christmas the Canucks were really good!
  9. Hey that's a cool name Mr. Bean, that show's awsome!

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