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  1. Schneider always seemed like a great guy, easy to cheer for. Unfortunate that injuries derailed his career, he was a top-5 goalie in his prime years.
  2. 15 years this January (07). Lost majority of my post count though
  3. I hope you're right. But it's been 5 games. He was cheap because he hadn't played like a top pairing guy in a few years and still had 6 years left on his contract @ big money. Not many teams wanted to touch that contract. If he regains his top pair form consistently and long-term then it was a fantastic job by management/scouting to believe that he would flourish in a new environment. Personally I'm not surprised that he's playing well but I would be surprised if he's back in the Norris conversation like he was in his prime. We can enjoy it in the moment but it's very premature to call this yet, either way.
  4. Hoglander has been my favorite but Garland is definitely fun to watch. Just waiting for Green to play them together...
  5. Gosh some people are sensitive lol @Devron44 might have some leftover orange slices for you, maybe it'll help you feel better?
  6. Looks pretty similar to the gut the guy in your avatar sported.
  7. Not a great game overall for Poolman but excellent job late here.
  8. For sure, these things usually even out. If this is the makeup for that game, I'll take it, as well.
  9. I hear they give out orange slices win or lose at peewee games. Perhaps those types are leagues are better suited for your sensitive stomach?
  10. Don't think we've played well enough for a 2 goal lead but I won't complain
  11. Tough few shifts for Poolman. He has been good overall, though. We're back to being ugly sloppy. I hope the first 3 games weren't the outlier lol
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