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  1. Actually the opposite. He played so well they decided to keep him in the expansion draft over their captain. Laughable.
  2. I'm willing to. Just don't see any legit answers in free agency and legit answers out of another team will come at a hefty price. No team is willing to give away defenders that can matchup against top-6 forwards so easily.
  3. Schmidt was plan B for Benning. Unless you think that trade came together only after Benning moved on from OEL. Which is possible, I guess, although that would say a lot about the lack of planning on Benning's part. I have no problem with the Schmidt trade, it was Benning's best and it'll never be topped. Just hilarious how the narrative has changed on it one year later.
  4. And Hakanpaa is a direct replacement for Tanev how? Why don't we trade Hughes for cap space because we're about to sign another OFD in Hunt?
  5. Not having space to re-sign Tanev because Schmidt took his money? Pretty direct result, IMO.
  6. Or you need to read more. Or understand that metaphors aren't literal. Honestly don't know how to educate you on this one.
  7. This trade has a lot more tentacles than just a 3rd out and a 3rd in. Think deeper and smarter.
  8. No idea what you're talking about. Maybe you should stick to what you know - zone starts. Oh wait... /e don't forget "modern day DFD hyper beast Gudbranson"
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