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  1. Haven't the Canucks fired several managers/coaches while they still had time left on their contracts? A good businessman understands when to cut his losses - the concept of a "sunk cost".
  2. Any team could have made that tweet and it would be appropriate. It's a garbage excuse.
  3. You expect him to reveal his sources that are giving him inside info? (not saying he's legit, I don't know the writer's credibility level)
  4. Claiming Benning was successful in turning the team around because of that first season where the majority of the team wasn't even his is like saying Marek Malik was successful in changing his playstyle from defensive D-man to dangler because of that one shootout goal. If you want to absurdly ignore all context and disregard that it's obvious that Benning's idea of "turning it around" was not getting booted out in the first round and then being a dumpster fire for a handful of seasons afterwards but instead coming out of the rebuild quicker than others may think. But it's not surpr
  5. There's a big difference between coming out right away and stating "this is meritless" compared to the usual "we take these accusations very seriously and are investigating, no further comment at this time."
  6. Signing cheap vets to short-term deals to mentor and/or flip without ever "getting in the way" cap-wise is a pretty standard concept amongst hockey fans. The only reason you'll get pushback here is because Benning has refused to do it for the most part and some will defend it just because it's Benning's plan. And others will say "there's more than one way to rebuild" as if this strategy is something you need to divert all your resources towards to accomplish instead of it just being a simple/easy way to supplement your asset pool.
  7. Don't blame the market for the incompetence of management. Not sure what any of this means. Seems as if the only point is to be longwinded in the hopes of muddying the argument, which is pretty much your calling card. So back to the original issue: Since you referenced that first year under Benning as "turning it around quickly" successfully, what happened after? Or was the plan always to "turn it around" into a first round exit and then be a gongshow afterwards?
  8. A couple of the top teams in the league might hit 82 points this year. Benning's teams have hit this mark just once in 7 seasons, twice if you prorate last year season. And the roster that did it the first time is essentially all gone. So 2 times in 7 tries have we been able to surpass what the top teams are doing in 2/3rds of a season.
  9. No, no, I did. I asked the question but I already know the answer
  10. Don't forget capped out almost the entire time.
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