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  1. In the 15 seasons before this one, the Sharks went to the conference final 5 times including one trip to the SCF in which they were 2 wins away from the Cup. In that time, they missed the playoffs once. Wouldn't really use the term "flop" or "waste" to describe a run like that. Yes they didn't win the ultimate prize but they had a hell of a run. Most teams don't sustain a high level of competitiveness for that long. They're going to have a rough patch for a while here but that's just how things work in sports.
  2. lol @ 3rd round very definition of spin
  3. I'm sorry, you're right. Canucks #1 in every single tangible and intangible category currently in the NHL. Screw it, maybe even NHL history. Definitely. All the historical and recent success illustrates and supports that, clearly.
  4. 50+ years with no Cup, it's not an easy thing to do. You're competing with 30 (soon to be 31) other teams that are just as hungry as you, and some of them have just as many resources and some have more/better experience and knowledge Not saying the future is bleak by any means, because the team is clearly on an upward trajectory clearly, but to think that bad contracts and poor cap management isn't a major deterrent from achieving the ultimate goal is just being willfully ignorant. It's not impossible to shed cap, it never has been. But for a team that's trying to build and add to get over the hump, it's unfortunate that they may have to lose some assets just to keep what they have and get rid of some of what they don't want. TLDR: We need to get better, but right now we're looking underneath the couch cushions just to try to keep what we had this past season.
  5. Bottom-pairing D-man on a good team, at best. That's free agency for ya.
  6. Alls I'm saying is that if the team put less emphasis on acquiring stop-gaps and/or fast-forwarded rebuild players, the results in the standings would have been more or less the same but we probably would have more assets and cap space to play with right now when we really need it. Whatever was done in the name of retooling instead or rebuilding or staying competitive so as to not develop a toxic culture didn't work. The rebuild wasn't quick and the team wasn't competitive. It looks like the culture is just fine right now, but that can't be attributed to the "competitiveness" because it didn't exist.
  7. None, nor do I expect Benning to be the first. Agreed. I'm just of the opinion that Benning could have done different/more/better. Neither side knows what really happened, we're just having a discussion (or at least we're trying to, but some people really don't like to hear a contrasting opinion). I disagree with the idea in general but if you're implying that this was due to ownership meddling, I can see some truth to that.
  8. I'm not pretending anything. Lots of people in this thread and others have told me that Benning's approach was to remain competitive so as to not develop a toxic culture. All I did was point out, with the facts/stats, that the team was nowhere near competitive. Not playoff competitive, not bubble competitive, not anything competitive relative to other NHL teams. What I wanted for the rebuild has nothing to do with it. Not now, it doesn't really matter. But when/if that conversation needs to happen down the line, it'll be relevant again.
  9. It's my opinion that Benning could have done a better job with the assets he inherited than what he did. That's not fabricating anything, that's just an opinion. Lots of players with NMC's and NTC's are traded, and there are always trades around the league that are lop-sided or at the very least clearly favour one team. Perhaps an asset can be immovable for one GM, but very movable for another, more shrewd GM. So again, if you want to believe that Benning is perfect and infallible and every move he made was the best-case scenario then go right ahead. We can agree to disagree. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they are automatically a "hater"; it's supposed to be a discussion board, did you just come here to participate in a mind hive?
  10. No doubt it was a bad year for the team but not all the veterans were fried. Guys like Hamhuis and Bieksa were still considered top-4 D-men, Tanev had a great year under Torts, Kesler put up 45 points in a down year as a two-way C. If you want to believe that teams around the league thought all these guys were worthless after that year, we can agree to disagree. Except it's not a strawman because there are people like that here. Like just the other day I read someone still defending Sbisa lol. Wrong, because I was in favor of the scorched earth rebuild (or as close to as possible) which would have meant a longer turnaround time than the "retool".
  11. So the people that have a different opinion than you are "sleazy haters [that] have no shame". Quite Trumpian.
  12. I can't disagree here. If we win the cup in say, Benning's 8th year instead of like the 6th (which may have been the case if Benning was as perfect as his supporters claim him to be) it's essentially the same thing. Nobody is going to complain about a couple extra seasons when we've been desperately waiting for over half a century. But, if that doesn't happen, these conversations will be very pertinent in a couple years' time. Everything he did from the beginning of his tenure would need to be weighed to make a decision on what to do going forward. Granted Gillis inherited a better team and younger team, one that was younger and moving up instead of older and trending down, but he was let go after 6 seasons (the same amount of time Benning has been here now) despite putting together the best team in franchise history that was a single win away from the Stanley Cup (and would have run away with it had it not been for the injury discrepancy). Benning is being given a lot of praise right now for a 2nd round exit after 4 abyssal years... Gillis was let go because of one okay year and one bad year (with a coaching hire that wasn't his decision) after back-to-back President's Trophies. I see a major difference in leash there.