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  1. No. Boston is trying to compete, why would they trade Debrusk (a young middle-6 forward) and Carlo (a young top-4 D-man) for futures? If anything Boston is looking to add, they just lost Krug and haven't replaced him.
  2. Sure can, he only had an NMC for the first two years of his contract. I imagine the reason Benning doesn't do this is because it doesn't save much on the cap and it's not good for management/player relations. e/ They'd probably give him the option to just sit at home and collect the money instead and hope he retires out of guilt or something lol (which is doubtful).
  3. What is this with this forum and labeling anyone that disagrees with them a "hater" or "troll". I was under the impression that the majority of this forum's users were adults but maybe I was wrong lol. It's possible for someone to disagree with you and not warrant childish name calling and labelling that I used to do on gaming forums when I was 13 years old.
  4. Didn't even have to read the "article". You know what you're gonna get when you see what website that's from.
  5. There's no gripe for me; if you read my posts in this thread you'll see that I'm ecstatic about this trade. Just that I don't think everything done/not done this off-season was all a part of the plan to bring Schmidt in for a 3rd. Benning gets all the credit from me for having a plan but not panicking to chase it, and then working out a different plan once the original(s) didn't work.
  6. The point is he tried to sign those players. Tanev's deal was reportedly similar money to what he signed but for less years, Markstrom's deal was reportedly not much less than what he signed for, Barrie's deal was potentially even more than what he signed for. Any of these deals likely means this Schmidt deal doesn't take place. He gets credit for not upping his offer out of panic and having the balls to walk away and know that he can salvage the situation, 100%.
  7. Some would consider Schmidt a #2 D-man, and there are numbers to support this. Ballard was never that. That said, as great of a pickup as this is, it doesn't magically turn us into a contender. It's a nice stepping stone, though. Possible. Like you say, wait and see. I personally would be surprised if he performs at something worse than a #3 D-man level.
  8. Benning gets all the credit in the world for both executing this trade and walking away from deals/signings that some fans wanted him to make that would have tied up the cap. But if anyone is thinking this was all a part of his master plan, well I don't know what to say; it was widely reported that he tried to sign Markstrom, Tanev, Toffoli and Barrie, any of these probably wouldn't have made this trade possible. But, good on him for making things work in the end. Out of all the players mentioned that we were in on, Schmidt is the best out of all of them, at least when it comes to the skaters.
  9. Now you can judge intent? And over the internet? Ok. Back on topic: great trade by Benning
  10. I didn't post a thread. I didn't break any rules. It more just sounds like it upsets you when someone else on the discussion forum has a different opinion than you. It's okay, there there.
  11. I was the one actually giving Benning a little extra credit on the trade (and I'm not one to give Benning much credit in general). Others came at me disagreeing with something that's been considered a pretty standard concept across all sports that have drafts for a long time. (e/ google it if need be)
  12. On one hand, good point. On the other, maybe it would matter if offer sheets ever existed.
  13. Yet there's no evidence to support the contrary. But everyone else is still wrong.
  14. The 2022 draft is 3+ years away? My grade 1 math tells me it's 2 drafts away. Again, thank you for your contribution.
  15. There's a reason why picks 3+ years down the line almost never get traded. If you think GMs value picks in future years the same as the value picks in the current year we can just agree to disagree.
  16. Okay, but that's largely irrelevant. What I'm talking about is what GMs think when they're negotiating trades Which was the sentiment in my original post; a 3rd for this player is great value but a future 3rd is even better value.
  17. in general it makes sense to push costs into the future. What about a 3rd in 2027? 2032? You think that means much to a GM right now? Probably only 2-3 GMs in the league that think they'll still have their job in 7-10 years. Obviously in a vacuum a pick in X spot is worth the same in any year (assuming draft depth is the same every year) but that's not really the case for most GMs when they are talking trade value outside the vacuum.
  18. Schmidt did have a limited NTC, and it's possible the majority of his list was composed of teams that simply did not have the cap space to fit him in. Vegas was about 8M over the cap after Pietrangelo's signing; they felt they weren't in a position to take any cap back whatsoever. We've been clamoring for it for years, Benning finally weaponized cap space.