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  1. I imagine this will be shocking to many here but:
  2. I mean I like Rathbone as a prospect but settle down lol
  3. I don't know if it's puzzling or funny (perhaps both) that so many people are offended that the media has been generally negative about a team during a time when said team has been a dumpster fire for the most part. When we're ripping through the playoffs and you see a negative or nitpicky article let me know, Until then, get a grip lol
  4. Let's just put it this way - this is probably the first time ever anyone has had a discussion about him being in the HOF.
  5. Lots of size and toughness but not an abundance of talent. Assuming Markstrom has a good year they'll probably be a bubble team like us. With the way the officiating changes, they're probably more built for the playoffs... if they can get there.
  6. Yes, the writer is completely biased and this thread is a pillar of objectivity. Yes.
  7. Pretty much this. A lot has to go right for this defense to be good. That said, the forward group + goaltending may be good enough to get us into the playoffs. Probably won't be very pretty after that if the defense is still a concern come April/May.
  8. What works for you may not work for others. Everyone deals with things differently, especially when it comes to mental health.
  9. What's a joke to you can be hurtful to others. You're taught this in elementary school, I believe. It's very possible he reads this board. I know people here for the most part aren't a big fan of his takes and coverage but it's just a sport.
  10. Wasn't referring to that, and I didn't quote you.
  11. Sometimes when I'm baked I catch myself staring at / swaying to your avatar. Probably also explains a lot of my posts here.
  12. The animation went away on mine when the board changed. Thanks for reminding me.
  13. With great power comes great responsibility.
  14. Well this thread is going about as expected lmao
  15. Another great piece of work by Holland.
  16. Yes, 7-1 run after EP went down. Really there's no point in looking into little streaks like these, just not a big enough sample size. Right when EP went down was when Demko went on his hot streak. So my comment on Beagle stands, especially considering the rebuttal was faulty lol
  17. We won 4 games in a row after Beagle got injured. We were also .500 without him which is higher than our overall win%.
  18. About what was expected. If he can be a legit 3C it's a steal. If he's a solid 4C, it's fair. That's not saying much lol.
  19. Multiple people in this thread have explained to you why you are misinformed. It is clear you are adamant on being misinformed. There is nothing left to say.
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