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  1. Agreed. the 06-07 Luongo is one of the most dominant goalie performances I've seen. Crazy how Martin Brodeur had to pick that same year to take it away from Lui. I personally felt Lui had a better season, but eastern bias gave the edge to Brodeur.
  2. Lol Schmidt shot himself in the foot. He goes from nice cities like Vegas and Van to Winnipeg. Be careful what you wish for.
  3. He's still one of the best goal scorers in the league. He went through two lockouts, and then in the Covid shortened season was stuck at 49 goals.
  4. This is good. While I agree he has made questionable signings, he has given this team the deepest prospect pool ever. Assuming this core stays together, if this team wins a cup in the next ten years, Benning deserves much credit. Also, I find the argument that "Scouts were responsible for drafting Pettersson, not Benning" an absolute joke. This argument can be made for every superstar ever drafted. 'Brian Burke didn't draft the Sedins, Tomas Gradin did". It's under the GM's watch, period.
  5. This is exactly the type of question that is usually followed by an awkward silence and then followed by a buzz that is killed.
  6. Good list but i would add: 05-06 =missed playoffs 06-07- got luongo, won division, made it to second round. It was also the west coast express passing the torch to the sedins and luongo which cemented a new identity for the team for years after.
  7. He was deadly for the Kings in 2012/14. His play has dropped significantly since then.
  8. Nice work, but the interview doesn't really begin until about 5:51. I would recommend you keep your intros much shorter and cut to the chase.
  9. i like the third jersey. i think it will grow on people once it is seen on the ice.
  10. While I'm not responding to this quote, I would like to respond to one of your other posts in this thread that I cannot find. I am paraphrasing, but you responded to a comment about the orca being important for indigenous history, and then posited that indigenous history is relevant throughout all of Canada, and then used Montreal as an example. I think you're forgetting the orcas significance to the pacific north west. The orca is much more prevalent in the pacific ocean than the atlantic or arctic. "Killer Whales are the most widely-distributed mammals in the world. Although they are more commonly found in areas associated with high ocean productivity, in the mid to high latitudes, they can tolerate temperature ranges from polar to tropical waters. In Canada, Killer Whales are found in all three oceans, but are less common in Atlantic and Arctic regions. In British Columbia, they have been observed throughout almost all marine waters, including long inlets, narrow passages and deep embayments, as well as occasionally up brackish river channels."
  11. Perhaps he is writing this just IN CASE he does not re-sign. IMO, it makes sense for him to re-sign, as that team can still win. The age argument is hilarious. Brent Burns is 34 and still one of the better offensive defencemen in the league. Erik Karlsson does not play a reckless game either, I am not convinced that he will never be the same. I think he has many great years in front of him.
  12. People less than 25 years old shouldn't be allowed to make proposals.
  13. he'll be 30 in 2 months. It sounds great short term but I wouldn't want him longer than aged 33.
  14. I find it amusing that people are suggesting that the reason Connor never participated in the after fight brawl is because he was showing 'class'. No, he is on probation and one of the conditions of any probation order is to keep the peace and be of good behaviour. It is a safe bet that if he was not on probation he would have jumped the gate too. edit; there is actually a clip of Connor trying to hop the fence (which now quashes my theory). Good thing security prevented him from doing so.
  15. You're qualifying your statement with the false assumption that I believe Khabib's actions should be excused. I was comparing the moral culpability of both of their actions.
  16. Khabib isn't perfect, but McGregor vandalized a bus full of both men and women. Men and women who had nothing to do with the quarrel. At least Khabib confronts the guys that are involved.
  17. Have the benefits of working out compensated for the joint issues? If so, in what way? also, this is a personal question, but do you mind sharing your age range?
  18. My latest video "The Lost Wallet Experiment" was featured on vancity buzz. it shows a homeless man from the DTES returning one of the abandoned wallets. check it!
  19. Mattias and markstrom are not good enough returns. Markstrom will be good one day but Mattias has 9 goals and is 26 years old, still relatively young but I'm not sure if he's going to have a break out season soon. If there was a first rounder thrown in there, this would have been a good deal for us. i think Gillis really messed this trade up. Thank you to Luongo for being the best goalie this franchise has ever had.
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