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  1. Ha so much for the “guys take less to play in Boston” narrative.
  2. Gee, it's almost like the professionals are better equipped to determine who a player is likely to be...
  3. You can be waived and still be on the NHL roster. They do it for future flexibility/certainty if they decide to send him to the AHL.
  4. I don't get the outrage. People should be happy that we aren't penciling him in as our second line winger...
  5. All these lines with Miller at C… he is much more effective on the wing.
  6. This isn't 2018. We don't need to play AHLers in our top 6 any more.
  7. lol Minny never does this. Boeser is good but Kaprizov is on another level.
  8. "We need to overhaul the D!" "What do you mean we didn't re-sign all of our D????"
  9. Winning the HB doesn't mean too much. Wonder why Krog, Sejna, Lessard, Sertich, Duncan, Portor, Geoffrion, Miele, Connolly, and Bonin aren't in the hall of fame...
  10. And Jake Virtanten could be Cam Neely 2.0. Who wouldn't want to trade for that? Oh wait...
  11. Any recommended pods? My current rotation is VanCast, 31 Thoughts, Puck Soup (+ patreon), and the Athletic Hockey Show. Always looking to add more though.
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