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  1. During the cap era, no team with a player whose cap hit is above $10 million has won a playoff round, up until Price did it last night. Quite eye-opening and something to note when looking at Hughes/Pettersson's contracts.

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    2. PunjabiCanucks


      Our Cap @ 2023-2024 when our top 6 is all resigned.

      Im guessing in 3 years the cap will finally be increasing - near 85M


      Miller (6.75M) - Petey (8M) - Boeser (7.5M)

      Hoglander (5M) - Horvat (7.5M) - Poldkozin (750K)

      Pearson (3M) _____ _____

      ___ ___ ____


      Hughes (7M)

      Myers and Schmidt (12M)


      Demko 5M



      Total of 62.75 M

      With 22 M left to sign a back up, fill 5 spots in the bottom 6 and 3 DMAN.


      Hopefully our future takes a discount to win it and we can upgrade on Myers and Pearson

    3. canuktravella


      i doubt schmidt myers  or pearson are here in 3 yrs  they might even be gone by end of summer

    4. Alflives


      And the Loser Leafs and their stupid Loser Shanaplan have THREE of those 10 plus contracts.:towel:


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