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  1. Are they directly implicated by the independent investigation's report? If not, I doubt they'll be punished (unfortunately).
  2. Did the Green haters forget he only got signed for two more years? I think that's a pretty clear signal that he's on a pretty short leash. I say he gets fired mid-season if the Canucks completely crash coming out of the gate or he gets axed at the end of this season if the Canucks don't make the playoffs. Or his contract doesn't get renewed if the Canucks have two quick playoff exits for the next two years. I'm not mad that he hasn't gotten fired yet, but I'm happy that he's on a short leash, the next two years are his last chance to show that he's a legitimate NHL coach.
  3. Wow Aquilini really making his support for Benning known here - "I'm backing Jim so if you want to diss anyone diss me. Jim and his team are working hard to put the best team on the ice." Hope Benning gets it right.
  4. Is it just me or is CDC panic for the start of this season been the highest it's ever been in recent memory To be fair, I guess this year and maybe next are make it or break it for all of management and the coaching staff. Kind of feels like 2008/09 when everyone was calling for AV's head until Burrows scored that GWG against Carolina.
  5. Cap hit and term seem fair in isolation, but I don't see how this contract fits with the future of Nashville and their impending rebuild/tool/whatever you want to call it. Surprised Ekholm doesn't want to move to a team that's more on the rise to be honest.
  6. Not too surprised by Chiasson being on the top 6. Didn't he play with McDavid a bunch when he was with the Oilers?
  7. The underrated part of that highlight is Torts' reaction
  8. It's not easy, but that's the only true solution I see to this problem. My "useless" liberal arts degree actually taught me a lot about how to think critically. I think some form of that needs to be tailored and implemented for elementary/high school kids. I'm not sure what current high school curriculums are like now, but even something as simple as teaching high school kids basic statistics so that they learn how to critically read stat lines on news media headlines would be helpful as well. Showing clips of John Oliver and Ben Shapiro to show how different opinions exist and are driven by different political agendas, etc. I think there's lots of things that could be done.
  9. This doesn't get at the root of the problem. We need to improve education to give kids the tools to critically think (i.e. what to look out for) and better understand the pros and cons of social media.
  10. Awesome to see how we're going to have 2 legit PP quarterbacks this year with OEL and Hughes.
  11. Happy they're signed, but not going to lie, Petey was stuttering quite a lot when he was asked about how short the term was on his contract But on the flip side, Benning straight up said they'd try to do an 8 year extension once the deal expires. Interestingly enough, he also said Hughes wanted a longer-term deal.
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