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  1. 1 minute ago, canucklehead44 said:

    Struggles offensively and defensively. 7th percentile league wide for underlying numbers. Jets fans say he is a 7th defenseman, other sources say he is an ok 6th dman. 

    At $775K the Athletic gave his performance a "C+". Not sure how this guy got anything over 1 million dollars, but it is Jim Benning we are talking about. Where were the Sedins? I thought they were supposed to be babysitting him from signing guys we either have to buy out or pay to trade later. 

    Lol what?


    They were pretty clear about how the Sedins joined to learn about the business of the game. They even said themselves that they're coming on as "rookies." Not sure how that translates to "babysitting Jim."

  2. 3 minutes ago, Provost said:

    It really is the only deal with Montreal that would make any sense unless there were larger packages in play.

    Looks like we're phoning up David Savard's agent in a few days then haha


    Regardless of whether we actually get Savard, I wonder how much he's going to go for. I've noticed some people throwing out numbers north of $5 mil...I'm not so sure about that, but I guess we'll find out. 

  3. 26 minutes ago, Provost said:

    ... so is "very soon" in geological terms?  Just want be able to manage my expectations :)

    If the Montreal rumours are true, I wonder what the trade could involve?  Our "need" is now down to a top 4 RD and a 3C or 4C.  It doesn't make a lot of sense to trade D for D straight up, but maybe in a package.  Maybe Chiarot coming our way?  If not it is just picks coming to us and then using the cap space in a different deal.

    Vegas has the extra D to auction off and some that could fill our needs.  Borgen, Soucy maybe depending on who can play their off side.


    I wouldn't mind trading Schmidt for a cheaper, bottom pairing right hand D + a draft pick. 





  4. 1 hour ago, TmanVan said:

    What happened to Hughes over makar? Ughhh.... All of last season? I guess you missed the memo. 


    Quinns true colours showed when he lost a premier shut down d man as a partner. 


    Appreciate him for what he is, but know he isn't an all around two way defensive stud.



    Relax, I didn't miss anything. 


    I was just making fun of how everyone's tone has changed drastically from when everyone was calling Hughes our first, legit franchise defenceman. My comments had nothing to do with disputing Hughes' play last season. Yes, it wasn't great. I know. 



  5. I agree with most of the numbers people are putting out for Hughes' contract...







    But damn, y'all are criticizing him as if he was the defensive handicap Sbisa was a few years back. What happened to Hughes for the Calder over Makar? What happened to draft steal of the decade? Complete 180 now that contract talks are up. I guess money really does change people, even when you're a fan watching from afar :lol:

  6. 19 minutes ago, drummer4now said:

    Murder. And you're right it might be similar. 


    Abortion is filth of this world and unless it was due to rape or something or for some god for sake reason IMO it is bad. 

    People being lazy and stupid not using contraceptives or birth control do not deserve children or have the right to abort if they decide later they made a mistake. 

    Now of course they do abort, but that is a whole can of worms :emot-parrot:

    It is too bad we live in a disposable society where human fetus and unborn babies are treated like nothing special. 


    I can't even explain you how bad it is. 

    Ohhh no. Here we go. 


    Is this thread going to get hijacked? 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Bertuzzipunch said:

    Everyone hating on me for this thread can stuff it. Benning did exactly what he needed to do to make Bo and JT happy with the moves today. We are now a playoff team thats only getting better.

    People were hating on you because you extrapolated his agent's comments to a hyperbolic extreme. 


    I'm sure you're right, the trade makes Bo happy, but it still doesn't make your misinterpretation correct. 

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