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  1. Whole-heartedly agree with this. People nowadays are making sacrifices just to get into a modern condo with a great location, but still incredibly small. Developers are highly incentivized to make a bunch of smaller condo units which have 1 bedroom and maybe a den that doesn't even have a damn door. The lack of supply in family-sized condo units is atrociously low, and it shows in the current COVID era rental market. I recently found a new place in Toronto to rent with a roommate and while rent prices for 1 bedroom condo units have plummeted, 2 bedroom units have barely moved - maybe a couple
  2. I can't believe there wasn't a course on financial literacy when I was in high school - this stuff should be mandatory to learn for kids.
  3. I somewhat agree, but don't forget about the rich retirees who yell "not in my damn backyard" everytime a developer asks the City to amend the neighbourhood's zoning by-laws to build a new apartment building with affordable housing. A lot of people want more affordable housing in Vancouver, but a lot of those same people are selfish and don't want their property values to decrease because of all of the allegedly troublesome poor people that would live around them.
  4. Haha, fair enough. I guess it also depends on your upbringing as well. My parents didn't immigrate here with a lot of money, so saving money and time on daily commutes by living in a cheap apartment within the city was a must. I've never really gotten acclimated with the detached housing lifestyle. The 20% down payment rule applies in the case you don't want to fork over the cash for mortgage insurance. But are banks even willing to give you a mortgage with a 5% down payment - I feel like you'd probably have to go to an alternative lender for that, which would likely come with
  5. I share the same sentiments with the millennials on this thread pointing out how the financial landscape we're starting out in is much more difficult than previous generations, but I do agree with your point about how some of us seem to foolishly expect to own a detached home right away. But then again, I have my biases - I'm of the belief that increased urbanization is just going to force a lot of us millennials to settle for a condo throughout the early half of our adulthood. Personally, I'm completely fine with living in a condo, I actually prefer it over a detached home.
  6. I think everyone would, but unfortunately the way our system is setup pretty much forces governments to think in terms of election cycles. But I mean...we could always have our own version of the CCP and institute central planning
  7. It all depends on what you value. Owning property isn't a huge life priority of mine for now, but that's just me. I expect to interact with the urban planning world in my new job, so I'll reserve my judgement until then, but I've heard similar sentiments quite frequently.
  8. Yeah...finished grad school not too long ago and now starting to get my career rolling for real, but I'm not expecting to buy for a while. All of my friends who have bought a place needed their parents to chip in big time on the down payment.
  9. Urban planners have been asking for all of that for decades. Conservative, NDP, Liberal, no one has sufficiently delivered on any of those things. If it's of any interest, Trudeau made some steps by announcing $15 billion in public transit funding last month.
  10. Just trying to lose around 5-10 pounds. I've had a pretty consistent workout routine the past 5 years and I've been happy with my weight/muscle mass. I've managed to keep it steady over that time, but COVID has me stuck working from home all day and not moving around. That's resulted in packing on some pounds that I don't want despite maintaining the same routine and diet - it's probably because I don't get as near as many steps outside as I did pre-COVID when commuting to work/school and running errands everyday. I figured cutting down food intake since I stay home all day would
  11. Anyone have success with intermittent fasting? I'm going to be trying a schedule where I skip dinner and then breakfast the following day three times a week, which essentially turns out to be 24 hour fasts each time.
  12. Yeah I'm thinking there's going to be a bit of a bounceback rally next week, so I don't feel comfortable holding my shorts over the weekend. Edit: Nasdaq QQQ hit my price target of 300, too bad I was stuck in a meeting when it slipped below 298, but regardless, I'm out - that was a fun slide down to ride
  13. Oh shoot, I forgot Powell was speaking today. Anything of significance? Bond yields pushing 1.5 again.
  14. Finally finishing up school gave me the opportunity to start investing long-term. Too bad that happened only a few months before the COVID drop, so I've become a bit of an active trader while all this market craze settles down. Not a fan of investing my money at what looks to be near the end of a decade long bull run.
  15. Question, and I've kind of asked this before. Got a sum of money that I need in precisely two years. My risk tolerance is extremely low with this particular money, but GIC rates are trash and equities are out of the question, especially in the current inflated environment. I was looking at diversified bond ETFs like BMO's ZAG and while I'm more than happy with the 3% annual "dividend," I'm a little weary about how interest rates have nowhere to go but up right now which would risk some material capital losses on my position by the end of the two years. I've
  16. Why are people talking about trading Holtby, he's a necessary evil for the expansion draft. No Holtby, no Demko.
  17. Either run with Demko or make it a 50/50 split with Holtby. I don't think long breaks do Holtby any good - it looks like he's not used to it and needs regular playing time like a normal starter.
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