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  1. Thanks for the heads up I'm not too worried, can't do much when completing your graduate degree coincides with a global pandemic.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe those types of shorts can only be done with a margin account? Didn't want to be bothered to set one up and keep it simple with an inverse ETF. I don't see myself doing these types of trades in the future anyways. Just playing around with some things here and there while I sit on cash and have all the time in the world to watch the markets (i.e. SPY) as an unemployed bum (for the time being...hopefully )
  3. Took a small short position towards market close with an inverse ETF. Just wanna try it out, let's see how it goes.
  4. I'm looking at RioCan, Allied Properties and Canadian Apartments. RioCan's probably going to be my biggest holding. The majority of their commercial tenants have been considered to be essential businesses during this pandemic. They're also moving into mixed-use properties which is a strategic direction I'm really in line with. My background in housing and urban planning comes with a big bias, but I really think mixed-use, high-density development is the next wave for bigger cities like Vancouver and Toronto. Canadian Apartments is always a steady pick IMO, but who kno
  5. This is what I was weary of. It is a merger after all, not like NKLA is going to bring in additional shares. VTIQ shares are going to be diluted.
  6. No idea man, haha. I'm probably the last guy you should be asking. Other than the more experienced ones on this thread, I'm probably just as indecisive as everyone else on what to do. I'm pacing left and right wondering if I should also build up a short position.
  7. Waiting for that pullback....haha I was thinking if the Democrats push the stimulus bill through the house tomorrow that could soften the blow, no? They're scheduled to vote on the bill Friday morning.
  8. Getting your existing shares diluted sounds like a considerable risk. Especially for a capital intensive business that Nikola will be running. I wouldn't be surprised if they need to raise another round of capital.
  9. This might be a silly question, but if the merger is worth 3.3 billion, shouldn't VTIQ be rising even faster than it is now? Or is it because the merger deal still has a (very small) chance of failing through?
  10. Hmmm is this bear market rally finally coming to an end? Time to warm up my cash engines and get ready to buy...
  11. Wealthsimple is fine now. Technical issues every now and then, but that should only have an impact if you're a day trader. No commission fees on Canadian equities is really nice - I could ease into stocks by playing around with 1-5 shares without any fees. But don't bother using it for U.S. stuff, that's where they make their money off fees - I stick to Questrade for my U.S. portfolio.
  12. This Reddit thread on VTIQ is a total doozy to read
  13. Yep, looks like I'm going to wait for the dust to settle on this one. Wait for the day traders to scrape up whatever short-term gains they're trying to get.
  14. Large pump n dump threads on stock market sub-Reddits for VTIQ
  15. Pissed that I missed out as well. But to be honest, VTIQs going to see a lot of volatility, I'm sure we'll have another dip to capitalize on
  16. Ugh, missed that early morning dip on VTIQ. Might just hold out for another pullback...
  17. Was looking for one more small cap for my portfolio. Thanks for the tip. I'll definitely be doing my homework on this today before the markets open tomorrow. Looks like a good long hold play so far.
  18. I've been wondering about the magnitude of the incoming crash. Some keep saying that we're going to recover fine, others saying that we're going to enter a decade-long bear market and end up like the Japanese market. I'm trying to tune out the noise, but I have been seriously considering whether I should hedge a bit with gold and/or crypto. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried at all about the balloning corporate debt and how it may even result in the doom of fiat currency. Can the U.S. really take on more debt? Can the Fed guide us through another recession with a
  19. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe capital gains from US holdings in a TFSA are tax free. However, dividends from US holdings in a TFSA still come with a 15% withholding tax, but you never see it because the dividends you actually receive include the tax hit.
  20. Just going to leave this here.... warning: healthy amount of profanity, but I think the intensity is warranted
  21. Enjoyed Horvat's Spittin Chiclets interview, but man, Bizz sounds like a total meathead from the boonies. Funny guy, but he needs to tone that down a bit lol

    1. KoreanHockeyFan


      I don't have a problem with it as a character concept. I'm saying it sounds a little forced. Toning it down would make it seem more natural. 

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Somewhere during the interview, Horvat mentioned that Hughes lost it when they brought in Huggy Bear t-shirts to the locker room. He apparently doesn't like that nickname too much lmao.



      Better tell Bo to keep Hughes happy,because that young man is a STAR.

      If you tease people they seem to dislike you, so like I said keep him HAPPY and find a nick name for our STAR defense man that he doesn't mind so much and don't tease our Calder Cup Nominee because if he wants to be traded many fans are going to be a little more than UPSET.

      Because over the years the Canucks have not had any Norris Trophy winners(best defense man award),and Quinn might just be that guy.

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  22. Yep. Be prepared to see the investments you placed now in the red if (most likely will) the pullback occurs, but in the long run you should be good to go.
  23. And millennials like me are going to be on the hook for all of this corporate debt. I wonder why we don't have money for more important things like oh...you know, affordable housing, extended healthcare, tuition subsidies Our bank regulator put new rules on residential mortgage lending a couple of years back. They should probably look into commercial lending and corporate bond limits as well.
  24. For those of you don't have the risk appetite for all of the ongoing uncertainty, just do some dollar cost averaging and put in cash little by little.
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