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  1. I'm half joking when I say this, but I blame CDC and our toxic media for forcing Benning's hand on this trade by constantly stirring up drama of how the Canucks need to win now, while also hypocritically complaining about how the Canucks have no future. 


    Don't get it twisted, I'm know the Aqulinis have probably been pressuring Benning to do something for years, but all whiny noise from fans and the media definitely didn't help.  


    On another note, we still need a right-handed defenceman. 

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Down by the River said:

    This. People have such horrible PTSD from the Loui Eriksson deal that they aren't willing to go one more year with him. 


    OEL is definitely an upgrade, but the cap you lose from Eriksson/Beagle/Roussel in just one year is 13 &^@#ING million dollars. You can do so much with that in the 2022 offseason. If Benning does this trade three years ago, he's an absolute God. Doing this trade now is like deciding to have chemotherapy after the cancer is already in remission. You're almost out of the woods, don't go ahead and add more trees. 



    To be fair, our forward group looks pretty solid now.


    But I'm scared for the future. It looks like we just renewed another 6 years of cap hell with OEL's contract. I have faith that OEL can step up and be a legit #1 D for the Canucks, but I don't have faith that he can do it for all 6 years. 

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  3. 5 minutes ago, HomeBrew said:

    “I told the Canucks what it would take on both a 1 or 2 year term and they told me what they could guarantee today, and the gap was just too wide for Nikita,” Tryamkin’s agent Todd Diamond told Dhaliwal. “Nikita didn’t want to wait and be in a situation like last summer where the team didn’t act and the KHL Club had nearly exhausted its budget.”



    Ah yes, good reminder. 


    I'm no insider, but I suspect Trymakin's demands were too much and Benning was probably still considering him to be a fringe-NHL defencemen because of the lack of an NHL track record. 

  4. Just now, HomeBrew said:

    Larsson, Oleksiak and Risolainen gone... as hesitant I am to bring it up again... It actually makes me more upset that GM JB couldn't get a deal done with Tryamkin. He would have been exactly what we need. Ugh. 

    Tryamkin himself would have to want to come to Vancouver first. Negotiations are a non-starter if that isn't resolved. 

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  5. I don't know if it was the **** sucking eastern Canadian sports media or the brilliance of Hyman's agent, but the hype around Hyman is astounding. Good for him for getting that bag. 


    But good luck to whoever gets stuck with his contract for the next 7-8 years. I'm not going to sit here and say Benning is brilliant with signing bargain deals, but I'm happy that he doesn't get caught up in the hype (except Eriksson lols).

  6. 2 hours ago, Scottydzik said:

    Olesiak or Larsson he coulda sacrificed a 7th to get negotiating rights first and giving up 3rd for 4th liner Dickson and not Appleton is gonna be another huge blunder for Benning 

    Are people actually trying to blame Benning for not being able to sign Larsson or Oleksiak? 




    C'mon, the pestilent whining and crying about his alleged inability to sign and draft players is somewhat digestible, but this kind of complaining is actually just plain stupid. 

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  7. 5 hours ago, rekker said:

    Not good, on many levels. The Canucks are no longer a team players are attracted to. Crap team, crap media. Not good.

    Your negativity (and a handful of the other usual suspects) is a perfect indictment of your own theory of how players don't want to come here because of the terrible media. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, VancouverHabitant said:

    Not sure if you're referring to my post with the "erratic level of pride over freedom and individualism" but there is nothing of the sort within me.  Pretty simplistic view if your answer to everything is "if you don't like it, get out of here".  

    Nah, while I don't fully agree with your argument, it wasn't directed towards you.


    I was just yelling at a blank wall because I've facepalmed so many times throughout this pandemic at anti-vaxxers who use the whole freedom argument. 

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  9. 1 hour ago, bishopshodan said:

    I understand and agree with a lot of what you say here.


    As others have pointed out vax passports are not a new thing. I'm also a pre-internet/social media old fart and see this issue as yet another political divide, instead of all of us focusing and discussing what is important/best for... all. of. us. 


    I am glad you made your statement, I think many people are thinking the passports are an infringement  on their freedoms. They are, to some degree, not unlike many other identifiers in our society, such as our DL or  even cell phones.


    We have never lived in anywhere close to real freedom, we exist in a social contract consisting of morals, laws and ethics. That said we should always question motivations of our elected governing authorities for clarity and to keep them in check.

    Couldn't have said it better myself. The sometimes erratic level of pride over freedom and individualism in North America makes me laugh at times. 


    By being a Canadian citizen you are willfully giving up some of your freedoms in exchange for security and peace. You agree to play by a set of rules in a society that you live in and interact with on a daily basis. Don't like the game you're playing? You're welcome to leave and go join a different one. 

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