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  1. I'm going to repeat this again: cost-benefit analysis. Weigh the marginal cost of not getting a vaccine / slower roll-out against the marginal benefit of a fast vaccine roll-out which has already proven to reduce caseloads and hospitalizations by a significant factor. If you truly believe the risk of harmful, but rarely occurring negative effects of mixing vaccines outweighs the benefits of immunization, I'd really like to hear your rationale. If you expect an unprecedented worldwide immunization program to move on with zero medical risks to the population, you are sad
  2. Nothing wrong with a difference of opinion. My opinion was just that people get to uptight with how NHL players conduct themselves off the ice. The larger message behind my post was that hockey will always be my favourite sport to watch, but I can totally see why the NBA and NFL are much more appealing for people from an entertainment perspective. Those leagues do so much of a better job of letting their star players showcase themselves and build their own branding. I believe there's a tendency from fans and the media to shame NHL players whenever they "step out of li
  3. It's definitely been validated as a viable technology because of emergency govt. approvals to get it out for vaccinations. If it weren't for the pandemic, I'd guess that mRNA technology would not have been popularized for another 2-3 years.
  4. Oh loosen up a little people. One of the reasons why hockey is the little brother amongst North American major sports is because hockey players are notoriously known to have some of the most boring personalities. Whenever a hockey player tries to show his personality, people and the media instantly question his "class" or "attitude." Kucherov is just cracking a few jokes after winning the cup.
  5. I'd argue that's what the Feds should have expected by making enrollment into the app completely voluntary with no other incentives. Hong Kong has a tracker that has been successful, but it was mandatory and had features that would make a lot of westerners shiver at the idea because of privacy concerns.
  6. Players not wanting to play in a Canadian market is a very real thing. I forget who, but there was a former player or GM that said the Vancouver media was one of the worst and actually turned off some players from coming. Oh, and taxes - can't forget about that.
  7. Don't they just provide you a new mask to put on anyways? I remember coming in with a mask and they told me to put on the new one they gave me.
  8. Skip to the 8:20 mark I'm not here as a supporter of Singh, just trying to highlight how a lot of people, including the media, don't seem to have a grasp of the situation.
  9. I'm in my 20s as well and I actually went through something very similar a few months ago. For me it was about the constant fear of loss as a result of death. Losing all of your relationships, hardwork, etc. It might have been happening because of how being in my 20s, I was feeling as if the pandemic was wasting away some of my prime years and now I feel more pressure to do the things I want to do and fast-track my life to "succeed faster." Being a notoriously impatient person didn't help with this either. I think I've gotten over the hump and my solution was pretty si
  10. No matter how you view his tactics, at the end of the day, he's just doing his job and acting in the best interest of his clients. If you want to blame anyone, you can blame the Vancouver media for always spinning these types of news bits into more dramatically negative coverage of the Canucks.
  11. Green might have pushed for Baumer to be extended - they've "grown" together dating back to their days in Utica.
  12. Very good point. Hope this changes, but yes, I did not fully appreciate some of the struggles a lot of workers are forced to go through because of terrible sick day policies. It's sad to see how so many people still need to decide between their own health or being able to pay off their bills.
  13. Well for one, I'm sure workplaces will have a lot more stringent "stay at home if you feel sick" policies. Behaviours will change. For example, I plan on wearing a mask at all times when on public transit from now on.
  14. Wouldn't mind if we traded the pick for a young-ish impact defenceman to be honest (e.g. Ristolainen).
  15. What? You know that a whole lot of research has been done on the long-term effects of concussions over the past 20-30 years, right? Players are bigger, faster and stronger now.
  16. During the cap era, no team with a player whose cap hit is above $10 million has won a playoff round, up until Price did it last night. Quite eye-opening and something to note when looking at Hughes/Pettersson's contracts.

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      Was there ever a $10M player, pre-cap era?

    2. PunjabiCanucks
    3. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      @PunjabiCanucks Wow. Star player salaries escalated quickly from the mid-90s to the early 2000s. I guess that's one of the reasons the league wanted to implement the cap.

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  17. Interesting first minute of this video (ignore the rest, it's just a bunch of crying over why the Leafs can't win) No team with a player that has a cap hit in the double digits has won a playoff round (during the cap era) until Carey Price did it last night. Really hope both Benning and Hughes/Pettersson keep this in mind when they're negotiating contracts. Full Athletic article here, if you have a subscription: https://theathletic.com/2527295/2021/04/19/lebrun-can-an-nhl-team-with-high-priced-stars-win-in-the-playoffs/
  18. https://covid19tracker.ca/vaccinationtracker.html 2,194,360 doses administered.
  19. Ah, good catch. Makes Gretzky leaving the Oilers less funny, but good to know.
  20. Relax the hyperbolic language. You're talking about a professional sports team, not the French Revolution.
  21. I'm open to both sides of aisle on the opinion of Benning and management, but can people here learn how to critically think about tweets from local hockey news pundits? At the end of the day, a lot of this crap on Twitter are rumours and aren't 100% verified. For example, J Pat's tweet on a veteran leaving right after the final game of the season and insinuating the player was frustrated with the team was ridiculous - we later found out it was Pearson who was leaving for family reasons. That's just despicable reporting. Criticize or praise Benning and the direction of
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