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  1. I don't think so. I think a vast majority can all agree for once that this trade flat out does not make sense.
  2. So true. This is why I won't be pleased if Benning signs any more $3 million forecheckers. The buck stops at Pearson.
  3. If Benning's plan is to re-sign Pearson and let go of Roussel, Sutter, Beagle, I think I'm on board. If he re-signs any one of the remaining three I'm not going to be happy. We really don't need anymore middle-6 forwards. Please put in some bargain bin 4th liners or prospects.
  4. I've been trying to get my tax refunds to $0. Just found out about the T1213 form to proactively reduce my tax deductions.
  5. Any opinions on how long to amortize your mortgage for? I've been constantly debating between a shorter amortization period to be debt free quicker, or amortize the loan for 25 years and be disciplined enough to take the additional monthly cash flow and invest in assets that would have a higher return than the 2-3% mortgage rate I'd realistically be getting in today's market. I've been learning towards 25 years since I could also choose to make lump sum payments during the term of my mortgage to pay down the principal faster whenever I feel like I want to. I know ever
  6. I hope this is a huge signal for everyone to take this virus seriously. No more excuses, no more conspiracy theories.
  7. I wonder if all those people who went to Whistler think it was still worth it.
  8. Anyone have an idea of how much commission real estate agents around Greater Vancouver make these days?
  9. If you truly believed Demko would have been fine to take the reigns with a bargain bin back up, then full props to your astute foresight. Even though I thought letting Markstrom go was the right move, I was constantly mindful of the fact that Demko could trip up in his first full year of being a 1B/2A goalie, which is why I was glad that Benning signed Holtby so that Demko's confidence wouldn't completely shatter if he ended up having a more tough year - luckily he hasn't, but I'm not going to pretend like I knew he'd be this ready this quickly. Agree. I was just us
  10. Assuming Benning has learned his lesson from some of his bad signings, I think the Canucks are in pretty good shape in a few years once contracts like Roussel, Sutter, etc are off the books. I honestly believe we'll be in the same realm of the Leafs and the OIlers in the near future - just need some defencemen like Juolevi and/or Rathbone to pan out. That being said, I'm still expecting another couple of years of 1 step forward, 2 steps back - not out of the woods yet.
  11. Not sure why you're looking at the Holtby signing as expensive insurance/reactionary to losing Markstrom? I thought it was clear that he was being signed to meet the minimum exposure requirements for the upcoming expansion draft (i.e. every team must expose 1 goalie at minimum).
  12. And the UK has been going down or flat. 46% of population have gotten at least 1 dose in the UK, while compared to 29% in the US. This is an interesting topic: Might be worth it for medical authorities to look deeper into the risks behind hypo-immune responses for people with COVID antibodies also getting a COVID vaccine.
  13. Meh...I wouldn't get that pessimistic just yet. The UK and the US let their outbreaks get out of control and their case counts have been plummeting because of mass vaccination. Part of the reason why we're getting this surge in cases is because Canada is lagging a few months behind on vaccines.
  14. "Other than drafting" You make it sound like drafting is an insignificant contributor to how the team has turned out so far.
  15. Lol why are people complaining. Did you people really expect this rebuild to go up in a straight, upward trajectory? You're going to have bad seasons here and there on the way up. Colorado just went through that exact same process not too long ago. The losses of Markstrom, Toffoli, Stecher, etc were all obviously done to prep cap space for Petey, Hughes and Demko - not sure why this is so hard for people to understand. Benning has already admitted his Eriksson contract didn't turn out well and probably plans to ride out some of the other crappy bottom 6 contracts he's signed. Once
  16. BTC/CAD broke down its trend line earlier today. I'd tread carefully in the short-term for Bitcoin.
  17. Finally. Can't believe it's taken this long for the country to officially recognize that you need to cost negative externalities. Hope these big "C" conservative buffoons get a grasp of this basic economic principle.
  18. General indices were sideways for the most part...until the afternoon when it dropped... ...and gave me some gains on my shorts
  19. Good point. Well at least the NHL isn't as corrupt as FIFA...? Consolation prize
  20. Well this kind of leads to a classic "did the chicken or the egg come first" argument. You could argue that no game management would've conditioned players to be careful at all times to not get penalized and be aware of the rules at all times - like I'm sure the players know game management exists and have trained themselves on how to play accordingly. Game management has probably incentivized players to play a certain way depending on who's "turn" it is to get a penalty. As for this issue in general, it looks like Tim Peel is just going to be the scapegoat for this e
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