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  1. General markets have just been going sideways the past few days. Boring.
  2. What do you mean? Just blame it on Sharia Law, call the shooter a Muslim extremist and bang the same drum to call for more people to bear arms to prevent another terrorist attack on America the great.
  3. Lol you missed my point. I used my username as an example to breakdown your logic which seemed to insinuate that we should just take the murderer's word for what he says i.e. sex addiction. I know, but 6 of the 8 were Asian. The killings of all victims are equally sad obviously, but I'm highlighting the 6 because my argument is focused on the racial implications behind this attack. I don't subscribe to white guilt either. White privilege is another conversation, but I don't feel like opening up that can of worms right now. On the other hand, we're just going to have to agree to disagree on how motive for this particular case is determined. I don't think murdering 8 people grants you the benefit of the doubt such that specifically targeting Asian spas did not include any race-based motivations just because he said so. Point taken, but I'll also just defer to what I said above regarding determining motive.
  4. For the past few years, I've deliberated internally whether constantly talking about race is actually harmful for our progress towards abolishing racial inequality/prejudice/etc, but as events like this keep happening to racial minorities, especially African-Americans, I think I'm in the camp now where if race-related bs, regardless of whether it's blatant racism or some subtle racial bias, it needs to be highlighted and pointed out and the narrative needs to be fixated on the racial implications such actions have. It's common in Asian culture, especially Korean and Japanese culture, to keep your mouth shut and not complain, respect authority, keep your head down and work your ass off. I don't think that mentality is going to fly anymore if you're an Asian immigrant living in North America.
  5. Lol so just because my username says "KoreanHockeyFan" do you really believe I'm Korean? Just because a white person killed Ahmaud Arbery because he says he didn't recognize the black male in his neighbourhood, do you believe there was no race-driven motivation behind the murder? Just because a disturbed murder tells police he killed 6 Asian women due to a sex addiction, do you believe there was no race-driven motivation behind the killings? Don't worry, I'm not some Asian dude trying to "white guilt trip" you into acknowledgement of anti-Asian hate - I assumed you were aware of such things already. My point is that it's pretty easy to see how race played a role in the mass murder - you don't need to wait for the murderer to admit it and say "I killed them because I hate Asian people." A lot of people, including myself, have internal racial biases that we refuse to acknowledge. Unfortunately, for someone like the murderer, it manifested into something that prompted him to kill 6 Asian women cause he had some twisted Asian sex fetish addiction. It's not like he went to a random grocery store like the killer did in Colorado.
  6. I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. Misogyny and racism aren't mutually exclusive. Fetishization of Asian women has been a long-standing issue and this horrible incident was a harsh reminder of that.
  7. But I don't want my iPhone to cost $9000
  8. Is Holtby's equipment smaller than the average goalie? He looks so small in net
  9. Holtby playing well. If he keeps this up for future games, we might have one of the best goalie tandems in the league.
  10. Yeah, that makes sense. I did a quick Google search and also found that the Canucks "high danger scoring chances against" stat is 101 compared to the league average of 86, 5-on-5.
  11. Pretty much. The way the Canucks win is only sustainable until we get scoring talent that can match a team like the Avalanche or the Leafs so we can outscore our defensive problems. Other than that, Demko/Holtby need to be Vezina-level goalies for the entire season.
  12. I wonder what the time of possession stat is for the Canucks this season. Win or lose, they always seem to get pinned in their own zone.
  13. I always thought March/April was another mini-flu season - people usually get sick during times when seasons are in the middle of transitioning?
  14. Well, I'm saving money to eventually buy a place, but that's going to take a while. In the meantime, renting is necessary to keep a roof over my head, so I'm not sure if your "no" is as realistic as you think.
  15. On top of the anti-mask BS, the other frustrating part was that she felt so entitled that she could tell the officer what to do. That's where the "Karen" part comes in. I can only imagine what would happen if that incident took place in the US and the "Karen" was black.
  16. Quickly to jump because it's so obvious that medical exemption cards from masks have never been a thing and we know that anti-mask advocacy groups have been pushing out many of these cards themselves. Whether she was lying or genuinely believes a medical exemption has actual legal standing out of sheer ignorance, she was completely out of line. The key take away from all of this? Put on a god damn mask.
  17. If you genuinely think the Canucks, other than Demko, outplayed Vegas in the playoffs last year, then I guess not in your case. Canucks took Vegas to game 7. If you genuinely think the Canucks, other than Demko, outplayed Ottawa, then I guess not in your case. Canucks have won 6 of their last 7. If you genuinely think the Canucks current performance level, other than Demko, will lead to long, sustainable playoff runs, then I guess not in your case. Canucks have become a perennial cup contender.
  18. And two of those wins have been against Ottawa where the Canucks were badly outplayed - except for Demko who stood on his head.
  19. Keep up that terrible play and we're losing back to back against Montreal.
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