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  1. produced by Bill Laswell, hey check out some of his other albums, he has an awesome one with Miles Davis and another good one with Pharoah Sanders. GO NUX.


  2. gary betman is a shapeshifing reptilian

    1. BruinsForCup2011
    2. Mr.DirtyDangles


      I was always wondering about his shifty beady little eyes ? Now I know the truth . Thanks for the link awesome ambient from one of the all time masters :)

  3. wailers are the greatest band of all TIME

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    2. vansterdam


      cool opinion. uhm, bunny?

    3. HighwayToHell


      Tosh and Barrett were senselessly murdered, likely by the government in Jamaica...did a report on Tosh and his "Equal Rights, not Peace" platform for Ethics class three years ago.

    4. vansterdam


      i see, good choice. but yea you forgot bunny, a big part of the wailers. my favorite band for sure, and i'm not the only one who thinks this way. i find many of the artists who speak of truth/rights/revolution etc like that, die young, whatever the cause..anyways i need some spliff and some vibes, enjoy the game..go nux goooooo......

  4. yea & it's brilliant-- you have great taste, that's probably my favorite dub album ever just amazing for this time of year :) i have all his works, remastered too. so if you're looking for something i can get it too ya.


    go Nux GO!

  5. everyone on cdc should be committed

    1. HighwayToHell


      we're committed to our hockey team.

    2. vansterdam


      hah that's the spirit! :)

  6. go Nux GO!


  7. 1JOHN4:8-he that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

    ..muchlove, brother.

  8. :) no doubt & for sure, that's cool..

    damn nice of your cousins/great game!!

    glad for you..ay hockey gods are being nice--were on a roll..yea!

    thnx for that♥ don't work too hard..

  9. ay you happy birthday, & enjoy your day!

    hope it's good sis..& that you get to see

    the game live if i could i'd take yah..LOVE!!!

  10. hey stealth, hoping the good old hockey gods hook us up tonight!

  11. cheers man, like the tunes :)

  12. hmm much better now, thankyou.. :)

    yea that game was a pretty rough in all aspects..

    well not a heck of a lot over here just living..

    anything new with yah?

    tell me something goooooddd.. :D

  13. hey hey, it's too bad we lost! oh well, keep strong/keep shinning and hope things are good for yah.. :)

  14. cool.. thanks..

    most likely, pretty big fan. yes you told me you met marry, and that's amazing, too bad you didn't get to meet tim(jk)..i love music in general he's one of the all time greats(in my mind) for sure.

  15. im adding you as a friend bedbeats,

    hope you don't mind?

    i also added you on the myspace too.. :)

  16. politricks ay?.. yea essays suck, but damn-- you don't, good stuff.

  17. ...hello there :)

  18. tre nyce is the best swollen member.

  19. .. fk yes... go nux.. ye it's flu season.

  20. ay little miss, how goes it?... personally, gotz a cold :(

    go Nux GO!

  21. ROM12:18- if it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men....


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