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  1. its from veronica mars, and the actress is kristen bell if i'm not mistaken.

  2. and what movie or show is it from?

  3. who's in your avatar?

  4. i like the one on the left

  5. i found it on hf boaards

  6. haha wheres that picture in your sig from?

  7. tis the lovely ms kristen bell

  8. I'm exploding in my pants after seeing your avatar.

    Who is it ? ^____^

  9. hello fellow Richmonder =)

    uhm love u'r avatar too btw haha xD

  10. Sorry, felt bad doing it :(

  11. aww stealth no fair. i had that sig for the longest time!

  12. Dude, your sig is epic win! "I'd fight Decepticons any day if I could lie on a camaro with Megan Fox" :D

  13. what the hellllllllll

    u took my old screenname

  14. Lol nvm, just read saw your sig

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