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  1. Sidney Powell finally released her examples of fraud. I don’t care whether you accept it or not, but in case you want to see some of the accusations that SP will try to prove in court have a listen. The media keeps saying “baseless” and “no evidence”, well here are the accusations. Evidence for these accusations will follow during the trial. i don’t care if you disparage the source or Trump or whomever, these are the accusations that are before the court now, doesnt matter who presents the information. (And I wont respond to anyone here cause I dont look for internet fights - just want t
  2. I was wondering when that would happen. Not surprised. Countries look within their own borders first when crises come. They’ll hoard supplies just like your neighbour.
  3. The political version of TP hoarding
  4. 1. It is viewed as sin to take your own life, some sects of Christianity even see it as unforgivable, although I vehemently disagree with that. Life is good in that God declared it good, and ending it would be wrong. The topic of suicide/life/being created in the image of God is a huge topic in Christian theology and entire libraries have been written on it. The incentive to stay home, in a nutshell, to bring glory to God by the way you continue to live. Its a good question though, one I hadn’t thought very much about previously. 2. churches have closed their buildings because, believe it o
  5. a new simple game my fermented grape juice has inspired poster asks a stupid question, next poster answers the stupid question with a stupid answer before asking another stupid question. Could be a stupid rhetorical question, could be inspired by C2H5OH, could be just whatever your phone’s suggested/predictive words are... I’ll start with a question my daughter asked me. What is the point of the “pocket” on the front of mens underwear?
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