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  1. Imagine someone watching hockey for the first time and tuning into this game.
  2. Maybe, but the org doesn't seem too willing to spend money like that these days.
  3. SNuck

    Coaching Next Season

    I'd argue that even if they're not his choice, they're his responsibility.
  4. SNuck

    Coaching Next Season

    I guess there's just no point to it all eh?
  5. SNuck

    Coaching Next Season

    Bonus question: If you want to keep Green but fire the assistants, what's your rational?
  6. Who do you want to see back?
  7. I think it changed years before covid, but I'm sure it's amplified now.
  8. Sutter, Roussel, Motte, Bailey, Beagle are out injured. Other than that, we have a couple players on Bear Cheese Island, and are capped out. In any case, it's good to play everyone at the moment because the season is over.
  9. I'd rather not have the 'Heart of the Canuck' be about cheering for other teams, but thanks.
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