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  1. Yeah, should've just grabbed his hair, slew foot, and slammed his head into the ground. That's the safe play.
  2. Sued into oblivion by DC.
  3. But also: Personally I don't trust Dreger at all, I'm inclined to believe other sources.
  4. Aviators or Aeros and I'll buy a jersey day 1.
  5. Also kudos to me for organizing this alphabetically and by length. *And then ruining it by adding choices.
  6. What do you call the new Abbotsford AHL team? Write-in answers accepted here.
  7. I get your point, but Leafs fans are definitely still complaining about Keefe lol.
  8. Unfortunately, people with the ability to eye things are not accepted.
  9. Sure lets continue with the very successful plan of bringing up AHL coaches.
  10. Clear cache and cookies? I don't think there was any change yesterday either.
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