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  1. Hey, was wondering why you don't make videos anymore.

    1. Brendan Gaunce

      Brendan Gaunce

      I was wondering that as well :/

      I think the Canucks youtube channel is to much to compete with :(

  2. Love re watching your videos! Keep making them

  3. Hey, how was your summer?

  4. Just wanna say thanks for all your great work uploading the Canuck videos in HD. Keep it up!

  5. Happy Canada Day :D

  6. In LUUUUUUUUUUUUUU We Trust. Get it done Canucks.

  7. A bit late to ask for permission but I obviously stole my username from one of your videos and would like to...apologize/thank you/praise you? :-) I'll give you credit in my signature.

  8. Hey, always appreciate your videos.

  9. Hey can you upload a video of Bieksa chanting shots during the 2nd intermission? Thanks!

  10. Alright I'm up, enough sleep... GO CANUCKS GO

  11. Alright, I'm up, can't sleep anymore... GO CANUCKS GO

  12. Blown call for sure, Maybe Burr could have got a 2min minor, but that little nodge did not deserve a 5min plus a game. :X

  13. Hey, Im just wondering, what was your opinion on the burrows hit. Imo that was a bs call by the refs, yours?

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