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  1. Right , there was even an NHL endorsed commercial featuring PK Subban about inclusion during tonight’s game. A hefty fine indeed and some sensitivity training.
  2. I don’t think the treatment was any different with Hoglander last season, this season Hoglander is on the ice with less than 2 remaining. Trust in the process, Podkolzin has just completed his second NHL game , patience.
  3. In the preseason games I have watched, I , as a fan of the team. Have not seen any indication that they are. I am concerned , but hopeful that someone will flick the switch to on and they will gel.
  4. I like this analogy , I compare it to pitchers, Starting pitcher, set up guy, and now we need a closer to seal the deal.
  5. Mcdavid is pretty tough when there’s less than 5 seconds left and he is near his bench. What a warrior !
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