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  1. Oh no :( What happened?

    And thank you for Tom! Woh woh, who whoooo!!! :-)

  2. Well, I am injured at the moment, then I will head back to Camp ASAP.

    To answer your question directly, 1-2mo.

  3. When do you head South?

  4. Haha! Sometimes we're both. That saying always reminds of the old joke "What's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind when it hit's the windshield?"

  5. I never mean to be the "Windshield" but I guess sometimes I am.

    So, what about the "Diner thing?"

  6. Hey Babe.

    Thanks for editing some of my posts. Let me buy you diner next time I'm in the City...

  7. Finally a profile picture! I really didn't see you as a gap-toothed hockey player! Haha!

  8. Stay away from all that Yankee news, it will rot your brain! Good blog.
  9. How's things E?

  10. Happy with the effort of this team dispite all of the injuries.

  11. usted era el dude en steve`s con la senora que hablo durante los canucks games... Si lol

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