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  1. Sounds like scum collusion to force a fake argument. Im on to you two @112 @DarthMelvin r/ Pun Patrol
  2. MH trying to hit the 10 post suggestion so he can go back to PM-ing?!
  3. I could have sworn LL played back in like 2010 when I used to host from Japan! sounds like @luckylager is a little strapped for cash and could use the gold for the baby sounds like you and LL are in the same boat and need the gold Never trust @Zfetch, not after what I saw happen last game! Sounds about right. Not sure how everyone keeps up with all these pages! Are you the Med kit that gets passed around? Do you enjoy getting passed around and held on to for one night? #scum pick up line I leave my tab open on my work computer which is why you'll always see me online. I just got a implant put into my upper jaw after getting tripped and having my face smash against the post in hockey. My face is in pain and my brain is in face. #Dead I love hosting games, but the only problem is I never read the posts when I host, so I never really know how each player plays!
  4. Congrats!! Also, non sober posts are the best posts!!
  5. I can either host another one or play in one if some else hosts! Let me know. Happy to do either!
  6. Time Lord Vig (Stevie) milk and honey Mafia (Joceyln) luckylager TP falcon45ca Mafia (Bob) Hoggers Doctor (Ted Mullens) Darth Melvin Swing Vote (Moira Rose) Aladeen Twinblad (Twyla Sands) Lewitelli Sheriff (Johnny Rose) 112 TP Qwags Mafia (Ray) Master Radishes Kingpin (Roland Schitt) Alain Vigneault TP smokes Nurse (Alexis) Zfetch SK (Mutt)
  7. Night 3: Again! Sorry for the delay in story everyone! Still trying to weed the town of the scums, @hoggers felt scummy to the town. The votes were in. Poor hoggers dies today.... an innocent man. @DarthMelvin gets shot in the face by mafia! Poor guy. @falcon45ca gets SK'd via poison! AS SUCH, this leaves two players! @Zfetch WINS AS SK!!!! [Mafia] - The Murders of Schitt's Creek Alain Vigneault [TP] milk and honey [Mafia] falcon45ca [Mafia] Qwags ---------------------------[mafia] Hoggers [TP] luckylager-------------------------[TP] Lewitelli Zfetch Time Lord [TP] Aladeen [TP] Darth Melvin [TP] 112 -------------------------------[TP] smokes -------------------------[TP] Master Radishes [Mafia]
  8. @JohnLocke if you say so! Sorry guys! I am not sure if my post went through, but I was helping with wedding stuff all day yesterday and had said I would be sending stories today! Last night was NOT an extension. Voting ended 3am PST Saturday!
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