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  1. Robinson gets my vote, specifically if he wants to be head coach. But sadly, I don't think he likes the pressure. Scott Niedermayer as defensive coach. Bribe Montreal to get Burrows as assistant to run our power play.
  2. If I owned the team, would let everyone in the organization know that I will pay any and all fines if the league try to punish players for not playing. I would even pay the players salaries until this gets resolved. And I'd let the NHL know I'm pulling all my reserves from the AHL and once they clear quarantine, they will be ready to play. I would not want it on my conscience that a player gets sick, or gets hurt because they are not physically ready to play, and don't feel safe. These are human beings. Not just players. I'd want them to know I've got their backs. I want to
  3. Because you have to think of possible ramifications in the choices you make? You know grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. And because it’s happened with Vancouver before with the Grizzlies. New owners might not get the results you want.
  4. I've reached a conclusion. There's 5 main categories of the Canucks fanbase: - Team loyalists. Either sheer loyalty or tradition, they support the team, the owners, and the GM. They may not agree with every move, but they overall approve the direction the team is going. - Anti-Bennings: They support the team, Ownership doesn't really factor in. They may or may not support the coach. But they loathe every move Benning makes. And each day Benning is still the GM they will complain until their fingers fall off. - Anti-Green: Ownership and GM
  5. Won't happen. That's basically trading away half his power. That would be like bringing in another GM and offering Jim a job as assistant GM.
  6. Would you prefer an owner who puts an internal cap on spending, and we trade our players they moment they get to their 3rd contract? Having a local owner with deep pockets who hasn't complained about spending to the limit, and not getting results is a bad thing? I get why people have issues with the Aqua's. But at least we're not living in fear the team might get sold and moved to Kansas City.
  7. You'd be starting with: Horvat Sutter 1st Rounder 2021, 2022, 2023 For Eichel who's currently hurt. Give up on getting Eichel it's not happening. Of course that doesn't really help the team. You are getting a centre with more top end. But you'd be better off just using those 1st rounders to draft a centre.
  8. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/covid-19-update-dec-1-1.5985707 873 cases. 2 deaths. At least the daily number is dropping. 377 people in hospital, and 117 in Intensive Care. Premier Horgan says: "We've not taken anything off the table, but practicality is first and foremost in our mind," said Horgan. "We will use the tools that are available to us if we believe they are effective, but deployment of those tools is a challenge. We haven't taken travel restrictions off the board, quite frankly." The premier said
  9. I wish I had your genes, I would have loved a growth spurt like that. Then again your knees and joints much have been screaming at times.
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