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  1. No, but I think fans can be concerned. There is bad habits that have crept in. The coach is supposed to help players clean up bad habits and things that don't work. I would say the team needs more structure. It looks like a bunch of players, and don't work together as a unit.
  2. Shaw will take over for the interm. I think it's Benning's backup plan.
  3. So the full story with my friend Peter. The cancer started in the kidney, then spread to his right lung. So he's been getting treatment for over a month now. Seems to be killing the cancer in his kidney, and shrinking his tumor in his lung. So good signs. Good luck to Mike. I hope they caught it early. Fight the good fight Mr. Bossy.
  4. With Miller he's clearly an emotional guy. If he's struggling, he telegraphs it. But when he's clicking he's fantastic. Sadly losing some of our meat and potato guys means other teams now focus more on Petey and Miller. When we get Brock back, hopefully it makes it harder for the opposition, and it becomes easier for our players. I'd rather see a player who's frustrated and clearly wants to do better, than one who has a bad shift and doesn't want to improve.
  5. Take OEL out of Arizona and you have a good defenceman. Chychrun can't do everything.
  6. If you put Rogers Arena in Mission, with no improvements in traffic, transit or roads. You'd probably struggle to fill the building as well. Some fans hate our owners and they spend to the cap. Why Arizona and Florida build their arenas outside Phoenix and Miami doesn't make sense either.
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