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  1. iLinden your a funny guy arnt you? ok so im going with coolbeans

  2. so resident evil sucks eh

  3. settle down there cowpoke

  4. na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, gooooodbye

  5. ummmmmm i believe its you that is the wierd one... tater nuts

  6. its alright, you?

  7. refer to iLinden for my list of possible names

  8. should i?

    im debating either:

    - cool beans

    - tater-nuts

    - jism

    - cowpoke

  9. i honestly have no clue

    im guessing it has something to do with a cowboy

  10. talk to me when you can spell "sentence" correctly, not sentance


  11. should i change my username to coolbeans?

  12. ummm what about lance armstrong...

  13. lol


    hey iLinden! lol

    duudde i cannot sleep either

  14. settle down their cowpoke

  15. u no ur cool when ur 11

  16. i wanna soak up the sun

  17. umm ya i do

    lol what did he say

  18. jesus christ i took a shower...

    haha threatening message

  19. im the most special in the world

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