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  1. ya i am italian, hence my name and the italian flag in my pic

  2. edddddddiiiiiiieeee

  3. omg its snowing woo look outside!
  4. are you joking me? seinfeld is in a league of its own when it comes to best tv shows, the office wishes they were as good as seinfeld

  5. your threads suck

  6. sry bout that, that was my cousin

  7. turd sandwich... yum

  8. seinfeld owns the office

  9. lets see how long this username will last

  10. i heard pyatt was brutal

  11. well, seinfeld is the GREATEST show on earth

  12. wow... you hit a girl?

  13. lol ya its pretty cool, LAWongo made it, hes a pretty good sig maker

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