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  1. Well seems like that thread has disappeared along with my posts.

  2. Hey sorry for a late reply. I just saw your comment. Anyways, yeah I'll take it down but I think people have quoted me on it so it's still gonna be up.

  3. i cant post pics of the 3some if i get a seizure

  4. omg ur sig lol!!

  5. you might want to get an original sig bud, ive been rockin the obama one for a while already

  6. money money money moneyyyyyyy, MAANNAYYY!

  7. im wearing nothing at all! nothing at all! nothing at all!

  8. What are you wearing right now?

  9. lolll *Cosby head nods*

  10. excuse me... your the biatchhhhhhh.. =) lol.not much. you?

  11. biatchhhhhhhhhhhhhh! wassup

  12. yo krazz, mb last mafia game for making that 1 post publicly, next time ill just pm you. was that the main reason the game ended tho?

  13. thanks mastah for the advice..i'll post pics of the threesome later

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