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  1. you might want to get an original sig bud, ive been rockin the obama one for a while already

  2. money money money moneyyyyyyy, MAANNAYYY!

  3. im wearing nothing at all! nothing at all! nothing at all!

  4. lolll *Cosby head nods*

  5. biatchhhhhhhhhhhhhh! wassup

  6. yo krazz, mb last mafia game for making that 1 post publicly, next time ill just pm you. was that the main reason the game ended tho?

  7. whaddya think guys, will they let me pose for playgirl?
  8. we should harsh bring back the bollywood movie crap to the white noise forum

  9. nicee i saw that you're pickin up tix for the linden game 2morrow, thats sweeeeeet. have fun! =]

  10. sounds wickedd, would be the sweetest bday gift wouldnt it lol. and happy birthday btw

  11. yeahhh i had tickets to the game, but gave em to my bro because one of my good friends is havin a bday thing at shanks that night. but you should get tickets if you really want to go, check out prices on craigslist, they're usually fair

  12. was at the game actually ;) crapty that they lost but we def had a fun time

  13. lol i think we dropped him a 5.

  14. yeah.. its a useful 2nd language to have too, in canada at least, back in the day id make sure all my resumé's had "fluent in french" on them lol

  15. i think he prob spoke too fast for some regular ol' frenchies too loll. aside from my lost ability to speak french, i can speak english and punjabi fluently, and can converse in cantonese enough to make simple conversation lol, that im pretty proud of haha

  16. hah, well atleast you picked up on it, i took 5 years of french thru highschool but im completely out of tune now and only picked up on a few things. Can you speak french fluently? Thats pretty impressive if you can. N would that bring your total languages up to English, French, and Punjabi or..?

  17. dude WTF you got rid of your other sig LOL. the new ones wicked too but imma slap you if you dont get your old one up there with it. it was a classic man

  18. haha we'll see lol ;) and hey thats pretty wicked that Burrows answered your forum question (check the latest thread if u havent already). Veryy smart of you to write it in french :P

  19. lol doubt itt, when i said she tries acting computer illiterate, most of the time its cuz she really is (had the privelege of watchin her try to print a word document and end up deleting 3 other files). thats why i was so surprised when i saw ur pic

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