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  1. He doesn't want to play this year because he would have to pay most of his salary to the bankrupt trustee. But if he makes no salary for a year he can probably be discharged and then go back to playing hockey. Sucks if you are one of his creditors.
  2. By the way don't fall for the whole wedding scam thing or diamond rings. All just a huge rip off and the biggest scheme going. Diamonds are a waste of money and are not rare, nor are they that special and they certainly dont increase in value. Remember someone is getting super rich off these "traditions" and it isn't you!
  3. You can get married anywhere you want, by anyone you want in a "Ceremony". The legal part of it can be done before or after for convenience. For instance, a couple of friends I knew who got married wanted to get married in Hawaii. They had the ceremony perfomed in Hawaii by a friend of theirs and then went on their honeymoon. Then when they got back to BC they had a marriage commissoner come to their house a couple weeks later and they signed a piece of paper in front of two witnessess and they were legally married. Anyone can get married in their jeans or jogging pants if they want in their own home for a super cheap fee in BC. No ceremony needed. So go get married and then do whatever ceremony you want performed by Mickey Mouse if you want.
  4. Prob zero chance of fans in attendance this year. Maybe *big maybe* playoffs we might see some fans but it wouldn't be full capacity. I suspect there will be a big push for normalcy come October though, with full fans in attendance and no restrictions. We will see how that goes. Personally I think 2022 is more optimistic. Should be interesting to see what happens with the summer olympics.
  5. Unfortuntely people are dying buddy. It's a virus. So how about this, those guys with NMC's have two choices... 1 Don't play hockey and collect CERB like the rest of us 2 Play hockey and suck it up and be away from your family Seriously LOL Unionized environment??? Didn't sign up for this???? Tell the employer to pound sand???? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Guess what? Nurses are unionized environment too. And they didn't sign up for this. Can they tell the employer to pound sand too for asking them to work with masks on, and work OT and work with high patient loads? I doubt any nurse signed up to spend 16 hour shifts wearing a face mask. You feel more sorry for a bunch of millionaire hockey players, some of who have spent the last 8 months doing nothing at home with their families, where is your bleeding heart for all the other unionized workers? Ill be sure to tell my nurse friends who are burnt out to tell their employer to POUND SAND! Wow, best laugh I've had on here in a while. Thank you.
  6. Seriously? Their families can move with them. Schools are shut down. And if not, Horvat is paid millions of dollars to do what he does. Part of his high salary is an inconvenience fee for the lifestyle he lives. All professional athletes miss out on precious moments, that is life. The Sedins said they missed out on tons of birthdays and important memories. That comes with the job. If Horvat doesnt like it he can always quit. No one is forcing them. My brother worked up in the oil fields for 4 months straight and didnt see his family hardly at all, didnt hear him whine about it and he wasnt making millions of bucks. LOL. Ok still not sure if you were serious or not. lol.
  7. If there's no fans in the arenas, why does it matter where the games are played? The Raptors are playing in Tampa Bay. Frankly it makes sense to consolidate all the teams in one country.
  8. What I found interesting about the above article is that it says the Canucks have fired about 80% of their staff. They have reduced staff numbers from 200 down to 40. That's why all the reps have basically been laid off. Honestly, at this point, I think even October 2021 is optimistic for a return of fan to the arena. If arenas are in Phase 4 of the plan then there is no way we will have widespread immunity in just 10 months. Likely, we won't see a normal full crowd in an arena until Fall 2022.
  9. I just checked again and there's lots of seats available. Lots of pairs, triples, quads and six in a row in pretty much all price points including UB4 defensive and offensive. Some row 2 pairs and there's even a few pairs of tickets in lower rows dead centre club and centre ice. I bit the bullet and switched to tickets I had been wanting for a long time, I am really happy
  10. How about F you to the government who LIED to us and told us NOT to wear masks for months until finally relenting and saying to WEAR masks. That's when everyone was dying. This same government who also told us eggs were bad for us for decades and had a food pyramid that caused obesity and now admits actually eggs are good for you.
  11. That is a really unprofessional way to fire someone.
  12. More layoffs pretty much confirms there will be zero fans in attendance until at least September or October 2021. With the resurgence of covid I expect the NHL to announce anytime now a shortened 48 game season and playoffs from January to June. Then revaluate and see. Honestly, I think Oct 2021 is still optimistic. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't see fans until Oct 2022
  13. Still hasn't hit my priority number. I am guessing there is probably a very low inventory of UB4 seats left as usual. Seems like a lot of people would move to UB4 instead of cancelling their tickets just to maintain seniority.
  14. As a season ticket holder I am in no rush to see them allow fans back into the stadiums. I have zero interest in attending ANY public sporting event until vaccines are wide spread. Not because I am afraid of coronavirus (I already got it and recovered) but because I don't want to attend a hockey game with any restrictions, e.g. social distancing or masks. Next time I go to a hockey game will be when it is a full arena with 19k fans and not a single person wearing a mask. If that is not until 2022 or 2023 then so be it.
  15. I tried but got frustrated with the code not working for a bunch of stuff.
  16. Tom Hanks has coronavirus. If it hasn't already been posted here. Not Tom!!!!!!!!
  17. My wife, who has become a pretty big hockey nut, still isn't a big enough nut to follow other teams. So she doesn't know who Tyler Toffoli is. Well, when I saw the trade, I yelled out "BABE, WE GOT TYLER TOFFOLI!".... she said.... "What? I'm not tired of Chipotle". So we got Chipotle tonight for dinner and then I explained to her, over dinner, who Tyler Toffoli is.

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      Wholesome. I love it!

  18. My wife. who knew absolutely nothing about hockey when I met her, just said the following when I told her brock boeser signed for 3 years: "Oh, that's awesome! That's when Luongo's recap penalty expires so we will have cap room to re-sign him!".......... yep, I've done my job converting her to a Canucks fan. Work accomplished.

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      Impressive.  I bet most of CDC didn't even think of that angle.



      I'm clapping for you,good work.

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      I ousted my husband when he stopped caring about hockey.

  19. Listening to Moon River by Henry Mancini

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      Beck/Clapton have some pretty tasty versions on the bube-tube!

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      Audrey kills it every time. 

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