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  1. On 6/19/2021 at 2:07 PM, Fred65 said:

    Frankly I don't believe them( membership .) there are if I assess the situation correct, many who have credits from last season ( remaning from lost games ) who likely haven't made up their minds. I too spoke to membership and they gave me the same story, couldn't be better, this doesn't match with the general opinion floating around the city, mostly negative 

    Not to mention Canucks fired like... a huge amount of their staff.

  2. Am I still allowed to post here even though I gave up my tickets? :sadno:


    I hope there is demand this year. I wouldn't feel bitter. Part of me thinks with Seattle coming in and covid ending it could be a really awesome year. Canucks could go deep and rejuvinate the hockey spirit in the city. They are due.


    I honestly just don't have time to go to that many games though and I don't have time to sell tickets. It took a lot of effort to sell tickets the last few years. Even on stubhub it took hours of uploading and stuff. Also stubhub is an awful company and I hated dealing with them.

  3. 18 hours ago, Boudrias said:

    Doesn’t block chain allow the tracking of all transactions associated with the bit coin being transacted? It should allow CRA and IRS to force compliance.

    You can track all transactions but that doesn't help if you don't know who the bitcoin accounts belong to. Anyone can sign up for a bitcoin account and begin trading bitcoin wtih no ID and using a VPN. It is entirely anonymous. Imagine being able to open a canadian bank account with no ID or address or even your name.

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  4. 47 minutes ago, Boudrias said:

    Do you think crypto + blockchain gives government a better option to track money (bitcoin)? No more hockey bags full of cash into casinos in Vancouver if block chain tells you where it came from and who owns it. So many crypto options that I question the store of value when there is no restriction to entrants. The full impact of block chain is just beginning to be realized. 

    Yeah but that bag of cash had to be laundered somehow which meant taxes. The IRS/CRA are happy to collect taxes on illegal profits. Imagine if bitcoin became an accepted payment method for real estate transactions. I am sure the criminals are much happier with bitcoin than carrying around bags of cash. You can't carry a bag of cash on a plane or cross borders with it, but you can easily carry bitcoin anywhere. Bitcoin is loved by criminals.

  5. 55 minutes ago, Lancaster said:

    If BTC fails to catch on, he can say that he was experimenting with something for the future.

    Should BTC revolutionizes things... he will appear as a genius for being a relatively early adopter.  

    Plus after he bought bitcoin and announced it, the stock price went way up. So immediately he is in the green. It's like what Warren Buffet does (except he does it much more legally in news announcements). Or like when Oprah bought a ton of weight watchers stock then said she loved bread then sold it all off for a huge profit. The rich get richer. That money came from somewhere. Every dollar Elon makes is a dollar someone else lost.



  6. 44 minutes ago, Tortorella's Rant said:

    Then why are guys like Elon putting so much stock into it unless it is all simply a ruse. 

    I mean, Elon Musk put $1 billion dollars into it (technically, Tesla did). Not sure I would consider that "so much stock". Tesla has a market cap of like 600 billion.... so buying 1 billion in bitcoin was probably more a publicity stunt. If you only have 1/600th of your wealth in bitcoin then no worries

  7. 18 hours ago, nuckin_futz said:

    There really isn't any news. Rumours of US Treasury charging several financial institutions for money laundering using crypto. But nothing concrete.


    No advice. I don't play in this space for a reason.


    With a total market cap of about 2 trillion, a 10% loss across the board is a wipe out of about $200 Billion. That's going to bleed into other areas of finance.


    A rather boring month might have just got kind of exciting.

    It only took a sale of about $8 billion in bitcoin to trigger a $250 billion drop in market value. This goes to show how only so many people will end up getting out with money, and those left behind will be the bag holders. Sort of like what happened when gamestop plunged.


    I can't believe ANYONE out there would think that countries (especially the USA) are going to sit by and let bitcoin exist. The crackdown will be hard but also be unified. I bet all the world governments come together and collectively ban bitcoin including Europe. They will make it illegal for any banks to allow bitcoin transactions and any credit card companies to process purchases. That basically will kill it.


    That's the problem with bitcoin... people say it is independent and stuff but it relies on existing monetary systems to function. No one talks price in Bitcoin... it would be impossible. People use USD to negotiate a price and then convert that into bitcoin. So bitcoin relies on USD to find its value and that works because USD is stable. Bitcoin cannot function at this point in time without integration and it is going to get shut down hard.

  8. I hear that on April 20th (4/20 of course) there will be up to 3 ETF's hitting the TSX which will provide direct access to crypto (Ether). I fully expect these to soar in price. All that RRSP/TFSA money can now flow freely into crypto. This is going to inflate crypto prices.


    This is scary to me. Why? Because ETF's only trade during certain business hours, but crypto trades 24/7/365. Seems like an absolute dream for the market makers. Imagine having your money locked into a crypto ETF on a long weekend. They have 3 days to create fear and panic. They dump the price of crypto. Then on Monday, all hell breaks loose. Can you say "Black Monday"?



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  9. 5 hours ago, Boudrias said:

    When people lose confidence in their government, financial system and their society as a whole, look out. 

    This is why, for the first time in my life, I am partially invested in gold. The writing is definitely on the wall. The way I figure it, either way, people have already lost confidence in the stock market and governments. It is only a matter of time before this becomes obvious. Gold seems like a solid bet these days without much risk. I've also added to my oil investments. Basically, commodities are all I feel safe investing in now. I can't sit in cash but I also can't bring myself to invest in the stock market.

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  10. The number of people I've seen post things like "Maxed out my credit cards cash advance and went all in on ______________ #YOLO" is shocking. This is not going to end well and if it gets too big it will take the economy down with it. Imagine the next generation of youth being labeled "The bankrupt generation" because they all declare bankruptcy. It seems like the 19 year olds have figured out that they can take $10k from a credit card and put it all in gamestop or bitcoin and become rich. What could possibly go wrong.

  11. 1 hour ago, inane said:

    It doesn't exist between 128th and 124th either. 


    It cuts through the park. 


    It's dumb. 

    Yeah I noticed that on the map. I assume that will also be turned into road. There's a massive substation and BC hydro office there and train tracks. I am glad I don't live in Surrey anymore, looking back now I realize why traffic was always so bad. Poorly designed road system. 72nd was an awful design too.

  12. 84th barely touches park land. People need to stop whining. 88th is a total mess. I lived around this area for years and because there are no roads between 88th and 72nd that go all the way through it is a traffic nightmare.


    84th is the only fully developed street that goes all the way from 120th (scott rd) to fraser hwy except for this small chunk.


    It is inevitable.  Should have been done a long time ago.

  13. This is how property is taxed in all major areas. If it wasn't there would be a huge problem.


    Imagine if a developer bought this land and kept the crappy little mexican restaurant on it to avoid paying taxes on a very valuable condo holding?


    Or, to put it another way... imagine if I bought a huge $50 million dollar piece of land meant for a highrise, and then I put a Taco Bell on it to avoid high taxes.


    The headline would read "Province taxes Taco Bell as if it were $50 million high rise".


    This happened to commercial property in Burnaby last year.


    Nothing new.


    You get taxed on the highest purposed value period.

  14. This team is in rough shape. Canucks said ticket renewals would be sent out in February but I guess that is not happening. They are obviously hoping for things to "Turn around" before they send out renewal packages. Honestly this team has really disappointed me this year. I fully expected a playoff bound team but it looks like they made a huge mistake in getting rid of Tanev. For the last 4 years I said TANEV is the most important player on our team. More important than Horvat, Boeser, Petty and Hughes (although hughes would now be more important). When Tanev was in the lineup we did well. He was the most underrated player on our entire team. He played HARD MINUTES every night. He is not replacable. Obviously the players know this.


    Anyways I keep waiting for the Canucks to send out a renewal package so I can cancel but if they dont do it soon I will just contact them myself and cancel. I want my 5% deposit back so I can go spend it on some stocks or something worthwhile.

  15. By the way don't fall for the whole wedding scam thing or diamond rings. All just a huge rip off and the biggest scheme going. Diamonds are a waste of money and are not rare, nor are they that special and they certainly dont increase in value. Remember someone is getting super rich off these "traditions" and it isn't you!

  16. You can get married anywhere you want, by anyone you want in a "Ceremony". The legal part of it can be done before or after for convenience. For instance, a couple of friends I knew who got married wanted to get married in Hawaii. They had the ceremony perfomed in Hawaii by a friend of theirs and then went on their honeymoon. Then when they got back to BC they had a marriage commissoner come to their house a couple weeks later and they signed a piece of paper in front of two witnessess and they were legally married. Anyone can get married in their jeans or jogging pants if they want in their own home for a super cheap fee in BC. No ceremony needed. So go get married and then do whatever ceremony you want performed by Mickey Mouse if you want.

  17. Prob zero chance of fans in attendance this year. Maybe *big maybe* playoffs we might see some fans but it wouldn't be full capacity.


    I suspect there will be a big push for normalcy come October though, with full fans in attendance and no restrictions. We will see how that goes. Personally I think 2022 is more optimistic. Should be interesting to see what happens with the summer olympics.

  18. 1 hour ago, King Heffy said:

    There is a reason a lot of guys sign No Movement Clauses and it's not so they can uproot their families.  Edler took a discount to stay in Vancouver because he wants to live here.  You're asking our players to relocate their families to a country that has grossly mishandled the pandemic, or leave them at home for who knows how long while they go on the worlds longest road trip in said trainwreck of a country.  I guarantee you most players would prefer a bubble in Canada to this, and the players did not, as a group, enjoy the bubble experience.  These are not oil workers; they are in a unionized environment and they didn't sign up for this.  They have every right to tell the league to pound sand.

    Unfortuntely people are dying buddy. It's a virus. So how about this, those guys with NMC's have two choices...


    1 Don't play hockey and collect CERB like the rest of us

    2 Play hockey and suck it up and be away from your family


    Seriously LOL


    Unionized environment??? Didn't sign up for this???? Tell the employer to pound sand????



    Guess what? Nurses are unionized environment too. And they didn't sign up for this. Can they tell the employer to pound sand too for asking them to work with masks on, and work OT and work with high patient loads? I doubt any nurse signed up to spend 16 hour shifts wearing a face mask. You feel more sorry for a bunch of millionaire hockey players, some of who have spent the last 8 months doing nothing at home with their families, where is your bleeding heart for all the other unionized workers? Ill be sure to tell my nurse friends who are burnt out to tell their employer to POUND SAND!


    Wow, best laugh I've had on here in a while. Thank you.

  19. 4 hours ago, King Heffy said:

    Players are going to have serious objections about being uprooted from their families on this short notice.  You wanna be the one who tells Horvat he can't see his wife and baby all season long?

    Seriously? Their families can move with them. Schools are shut down. And if not, Horvat is paid millions of dollars to do what he does. Part of his high salary is an inconvenience fee for the lifestyle he lives. All professional athletes miss out on precious moments, that is life. The Sedins said they missed out on tons of birthdays and important memories. That comes with the job. If Horvat doesnt like it he can always quit. No one is forcing them. My brother worked up in the oil fields for 4 months straight and didnt see his family hardly at all, didnt hear him whine about it and he wasnt making millions of bucks. LOL. Ok still not sure if you were serious or not. lol.

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