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  1. Mr. Ambien

    NFL thread

    LOL He looks like that dude from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.. RAWWRRGHH IM MELTING. And I'd say Sanders. Vikings D sucks badly. I'd explain why but prob about to endure the wrath of an angry mod.
  2. Mr. Ambien

    NFL thread

    Fantasy dark horse = Scobee.
  3. Mr. Ambien

    NFL thread

    Hoo.. mon.. a...wa..noo...ee. frack it, I'll just call you Gregory.
  4. 90 min PK goal by Kun.. 2-1 City. Second heartbreak for a Bundesliga team today and yesterday.
  5. Can forget about that comeback.. dumb yellow by PSV, second yellow in fact.. then Malmo get a red too wtf.
  6. If CKSA gives up another goal (they were up 3-0 now it's 3-2) that one might be worth watching. So far Lestienne for PSV is lighting them up.
  7. Oh man, where was City's D on that counter.. Stindl for Gladbach easy goal in the box. 1-0 Gladbach.
  8. Inexplicable marking by Sevilla. Schweinie is still sore about the booking he got.
  9. Gladbach should be up 3-0 right now on City.. just terrible finishes.
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