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  1. Mr. Ambien

    NFL thread

    LOL He looks like that dude from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.. RAWWRRGHH IM MELTING. And I'd say Sanders. Vikings D sucks badly. I'd explain why but prob about to endure the wrath of an angry mod.
  2. Mr. Ambien

    NFL thread

    Fantasy dark horse = Scobee.
  3. Mr. Ambien

    NFL thread

    Hoo.. mon.. a...wa..noo...ee. frack it, I'll just call you Gregory.
  4. 90 min PK goal by Kun.. 2-1 City. Second heartbreak for a Bundesliga team today and yesterday.
  5. Can forget about that comeback.. dumb yellow by PSV, second yellow in fact.. then Malmo get a red too wtf.
  6. If CKSA gives up another goal (they were up 3-0 now it's 3-2) that one might be worth watching. So far Lestienne for PSV is lighting them up.
  7. Oh man, where was City's D on that counter.. Stindl for Gladbach easy goal in the box. 1-0 Gladbach.
  8. Inexplicable marking by Sevilla. Schweinie is still sore about the booking he got.
  9. Gladbach should be up 3-0 right now on City.. just terrible finishes.
  10. Malmo leaving Ronaldo undefended on a counter.. easiest gimme goal ever.
  11. lol, City gave up a PK and saved it. Then Kun has a shot all by himself on a counter and misses the goal.
  12. De Bruyne whiffs on a ball just outside Gladbach's box causing a counter that just barely goes wide. Was hilarious play that was lucky not to cost City a goal there.
  13. Great start for Wolfsburg. Piss poor defending by Man U.
  14. Arsenal 0 points with Bayern 2x upcoming. I'm pretty sure in order to qualify now past the group stage Arsenal are gonna have to beat Bayern in at least one match
  15. Arsenal and Chelsea lose. EPL teams not looking very dominant today.
  16. Ugh, poor Leverkusen. They played such a great game too.
  17. Olympiacos just won't relent. Arsenal D just backing off way too much around the box. Their fans are going nuts too.
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