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  1. bmurugiah.tumblr.com/

  2. twitter.com/bmurugiah

  3. can someone get a pic of when rypien put his hands up after his fight.
  4. Well seems like that thread has disappeared along with my posts.

  5. Hey sorry for a late reply. I just saw your comment. Anyways, yeah I'll take it down but I think people have quoted me on it so it's still gonna be up.

  6. LOL nice.

    I know some tamil words thats why haha

  7. Buses in Vancouver on Main Street just all stood dead in a line for like 3 hrs or more. They left like an hour ago but still.. so many in a row.
  8. Nice work on the Leafs chat! :D

  9. Like last week, there were like buses on Main every like 4 minutes but now you have to wait like 10.. in the morning. Atleast they're double buses but still.. the waiting part for a long time sucks.
  10. Happy Birthday!

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