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  1. Fair enough, as I don't know the history (or the other things mentioned). A contract clause wouldn't have any control over his mother, but Jones will probably find somewhere not asking him to restrict his opinions anyway.
  2. I hadn't heard about that. Certainly sours me on him a bit. He can still play hockey though, and with the proper media/morality clauses in his contract, it should be manageable.
  3. I'd be surprised if that's all they ask for, and Schmidt likely has Columbus on his 10-team no trade list. I'm sure Columbus would love some players with a couple years of term. They'd have to get some quality back, and they have some cap space to play with. Defence in particular will be a need if they trade Jones. Our problem is Myers and Schmidt both have a 10-team no trade list, and the forwards we'd part with aren't enticing enough. They won't want Virtanen (would love it if they did), Pearson is a maybe piece, but we'd be looking at picks and prospects otherwise. Rathbone and
  4. That's a HUUUUUUUUGGGGEE leap. It would be a smaller leap for Bieksa (or Stewart) to leap from behind their desk at home to the studio and one punch McLean in the face.
  5. Yeah, it's a bigger stretch to say just because someone has a shirt off they would test positive for HIV than it is to think it's weak that it's about the picture and having a high blood alcohol content.
  6. Nice to see the Utica fans can keep their Comets identity. I had heard the Devils usually force their name on their AHL affiliate. The colour change was expected though. Good luck next year!
  7. Meh, not much of a showing and a mistake as he rushed a play, but he's a big boy who showed he'll stand up for a teammate. Agreed that he shouldn't look to become a fighter all the time - if that's the only way he can stick in the NHL he won't be in for much of a career. He'll definitely need to work on his skating and adjust to the speed of the play, but as someone else said, hopefully this is his worst game in the NHL.
  8. Yup, it's been nice to see him have a strong season so far. Hopefully he can show some promise if he gets in an NHL game. Can't say I'm surprised. He got praise early on and it seems he's carried that momentum into a pretty good season.
  9. I agree that they likely didn't have a leg to stand on (sorry, bad pun) for the takedown. They should add something in that you can't pick up the player, especially by the legs, during a fight as it is a dangerous move. I think the only thing they really could have gone after Nurse for was the bit in front of the benches with the slash, cross check, and punch. Likely only enough for a fine, but still, something needing to be done there.
  10. Basically, yes. Even if there was fire to that smoke, most of the rumours would be just an inquiry where one side offered nowhere near enough and the other side told them no. I'm sure that happens pretty often but they realize it isn't worth pursuing. Of course, in hindsight, we could have tried to get pretty much anything knowing what we know now. But then maybe the story wouldn't have come out and then the same people would have complained about how little we got back for him.
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