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  1. Yup, it's been nice to see him have a strong season so far. Hopefully he can show some promise if he gets in an NHL game. Can't say I'm surprised. He got praise early on and it seems he's carried that momentum into a pretty good season.
  2. I agree that they likely didn't have a leg to stand on (sorry, bad pun) for the takedown. They should add something in that you can't pick up the player, especially by the legs, during a fight as it is a dangerous move. I think the only thing they really could have gone after Nurse for was the bit in front of the benches with the slash, cross check, and punch. Likely only enough for a fine, but still, something needing to be done there.
  3. Basically, yes. Even if there was fire to that smoke, most of the rumours would be just an inquiry where one side offered nowhere near enough and the other side told them no. I'm sure that happens pretty often but they realize it isn't worth pursuing. Of course, in hindsight, we could have tried to get pretty much anything knowing what we know now. But then maybe the story wouldn't have come out and then the same people would have complained about how little we got back for him.
  4. Oh, I agree with the lack of anything on some plays, Wilson's being a prime example. I also mentioned Nurse's other antics that game and the Hamonic and Archibald hits as something that I thought would be looked at. I even forgot to mention the Larsson attempted elbow and had not even seen the McDavid contact with Schmidt. There's lots they're missing. I honestly can't complain about this one though.
  5. If he makes contact with the glove covering Nurse's face, it's still suspendable. We all saw the above angle to start and were all against it being much of anything. It's only the angle from down the ice that's in the DoPS video that shows the head move as MacEwen's knee hits him. It's not massive contact, but it's contact. And now that I've seen it in the new angle, I can even see in the stills above where that point is as the second and third frame you have shows how Nurse's helmet at very least is at a different angle than before.
  6. I have to say I thought I saw Nurse's head move so the DoPS was probably right on this one, as much as I hate to say it. It was still super minor but it's a knee and a head, and we couldn't see that until the angle they have in the video. If I saw that wrong and there was no contact, then I'll retract that statement That said they didn't look at the wrestling takedown or the crosschecks, punches and slashes, or either of the Hamonic or Archibald hits. And that's just this game.
  7. Well, I agree with him, apart for the bit where he said he loved everything Wilson was doing up to that point. Basically, he would have suspended Wilson for this, but not for anything else Wilson has done in the past.
  8. That's my issue with it, where that's not even a usual thing that happens in a scrum and had the potential to end very badly. It also falls in line with the Burtuzzi/Moore incident in that it's basically roughing, except Panarin is basically willing to engage. So, what else can you put this under but roughing? And what's the precedent for suspending a player so that you can make it stick and he doesn't challenge it? We all agree it's dangerous and more than just part of hockey, and Wilson was seeing red for some reason and went off his rocker as a result. The thing with comparing i
  9. I saw multiple reports of this but can't confirm myself. Definitely tone deaf if they did.
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