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  1. DeSmith is a little more proven, but I don't think it's worlds of difference. Martin was put in a tough spot to take over while Demko was down but you'd hope he would bounce back. He certainly stepped up in Abby after heading back there.
  2. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/32-thoughts-whats-next-for-the-blue-jackets/ 12. Vancouver trading Tanner Pearson to Montreal is the best thing for everyone involved, including the player. There were a lot of hard feelings in the aftermath of the multi-surgery mayhem that put his career into uncertainty and cast doubt on the Canucks medical staff. It’s great to see him looking healthy enough to play. When the summer began Vancouver wasn’t expecting him to be ready so they made other moves, but Pearson's potential return would have caused a salary-cap and positional logjam for the Canucks. One of the things they could have considered was putting Pearson on waivers. That wouldn’t have been good for anyone. 13. The trade also solved a Montreal problem. DeSmith joined Jake Allen, Samuel Montembeault and Cayden Primeau as Canadiens’ goalies ready to play and needing waivers. Ever since the trade with Pittsburgh, the Canadiens were working to move DeSmith.
  3. Wondered if this was coming after activating him from LTI. Let's see a return if anything worthwhile.
  4. You've forgotten about this!?
  5. Definitely will be in competition with Aman. The Pens talked about him as an excellent #10 forward, but that he also wasn't ever quite the same after getting injured the season before. Offence dried up, and he wasn't as impactful on defense. It didn't look like he changed that perception much with Vegas.
  6. And that's the thing, can we flip him to weaponizate that cap space to be worth more than having him in the lineup? His cap hit doesn't change.
  7. Agreed on how the top four might go, with Hirose and Meyers rounding that out (barring any other moves). Will be nice to see fit/chemistry come training camp. And having some flexibility in the last year on Soucy may come in handy if we manage to bring in more/younger players to improve.
  8. Hadn't heard that, was just going by the usual bonus dates so colour me corrected!
  9. Bonuses are paid July 1st, not the start of the season/camp. But not upset at any of these moves. Neither Soucy or Cole are top end but signed to reasonable deals and can slide in on either side. Short term help until we get better through prospects and other deals. And some size, so as long a they don't turn into really large pylons, I'm good.
  10. Some talk about how he hasn't been the same after his head/jaw injurya while back, but we aren't overpaying him so as long as he still stacks up defensively it'll be good value.
  11. I'm sure this will get posted in the other players' threads as well, but Focht not being qualified by the Canucks.
  12. Trying to rig the draft luck for next year? I won't say no to that.
  13. Passed over once and skating as an issue doesn't inspire confidence.
  14. I don't mind a project with size and potential to really improve some skills at this stage of the draft.
  15. Yeah, not something that happens too often when you might be able to wait and get him as a free agent and not risk this being a bump in his trajectory, but who knows.
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