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  1. Uh, essentially all prospects not under contract overseas come to camp. Not sure if there will be any differences with overlaps for other leagues.
  2. I didn't say anything about consistency. He's doing better in a number of things but there are still areas of concern. And it's his off ice commitment that keeps raising eyebrows. Not saying any of it is a major issue since he is improving but they're the things that'll keep him from being great (even in a specific role).
  3. We're seeing the points come around, but the concern is more with the rest of his game and his commitment levels. He may not quite develop those to the level we'd like to see, but he can still be pretty effective even still.
  4. We'll all get a chuckle after seeing how training camp goes. Benning has literally named Hoglander and Juolevi as players who seem ready to make the jump. We're going to be playing a number of young players this year again, as we have the past several years.
  5. Well, I was hoping he'd find a steal in a cap dump from all the other teams signing players, but didn't expect someone with an almost $6M cap for the next 5 years. Schmidt should be a solid player and a help for a lot of that, but hopefully it doesn't handcuff us at all.
  6. Bingo. This isn't the first rental ever. Would have been nice to get him back the way he fit, but has to be something else in the works.
  7. I don't know about minimal effort, he spent a fair amount of time talking with all of them from the sounds of it. I agree he must have something else planned though, perhaps with an addition to the RHD.
  8. Klefbom is possibly out for the season with yet another shoulder surgery. They can use his LTIR to fit in Bear barring some other expensive move. https://www.sportsnet.ca/nhl/article/klefbom-injury-puts-desperate-spin-oilers-upcoming-draft-free-agency/
  9. Affordable deal, but I guess he just wasn't in our plans. The other alternative is he only took less after deciding to move on and look elsewhere. Interesting. Hopefully Benning has better plans for our right side than moving Hughes over.
  10. That flat cap due to the pandemic might have something to do with it. Just saying.
  11. When Benning said they were going to let young players play, I hoped it didn't mean passing on Tanev if we could afford him. Hopefully this means we retain others and make some other moves rather than force Hughes to the right side.
  12. One of my reasons for wanting Lundqvist was mentoring. Looks like Holtby will do just fine in that regard.
  13. Wouldn't have minded being able to pick up some of these bargains, but hopefully we can keep a lot of what we have as well. Good deal.
  14. Good term. We wouldn't have gotten him for less considering that. Wish list was Lundqvist as I think he would have been a great mentor for a year or two to Demko.