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  1. Well, that is the thing. Bringing out a 4th liner to fight another 4th liner after a top 9 player has gone after one of your top 6 solves nothing. As for the rest, if you can get a player with size, aggression and toughness, you tend to give him some chances. Of course he has to be able to skate well, and have skill and hockey sense, or else those chances dry up quickly. There might be a chance or two elsewhere, but without the latter, the former won't get you far.
  2. And got back Chiasson, Juulson and Lammikko. Every team lost a player in the expansion draft, so Lind isn't a slight. But that is the point of preseason, where if guys aren't quite good enough, you do put them on waivers if you want to give them a bit more time or think they are AHL level players. If they have value but haven't shown enough to make the team, you trade them for something else. Preseason is short, so you give those guys a chance to make the team. If you didn't, then people would complain they didn't get enough time. The regulars will get back into it quickly.
  3. Cholowski isn't a defensive d-man. And his size isn't much of an issue. I don't know if he's more effective from a strength standpoint but he had 5 hits in 16 games last year, where Rathbone had 9 hits in 8. Cholowski does block shots, but I don't know that he does anything else better than Rathbone. Over Hunt? I'm on board. Over Rathbone? Only if they really want to give Rathbone more time to develop. He sounds enticing at first glance being a local kid, but I'll leave this one up to Benning and Co.
  4. Honestly, owners shouldn't hire a GM if they aren't on board with the vision presented during the interview. Owners might disagree when a shift in direction is suggested by the GM (like when Gillis wanted to start a rebuild) but only execution is the question otherwise. If they don't like a GM's execution early on, that's the owner's fault for hiring them.
  5. One of those injuries would have to be him, otherwise the other injuries will just make more room for him. He's the only one that can screw this up. He has a decent chance of staying on the 1st or 2nd PP. With that, he should get some decent points. Hopefully he can be consistent much of the season.
  6. Yup, good teams lose players on waivers. Bad teams claim them. "The circle of life"
  7. Against preseason lineups. There's no question he'll be a top performer in the AHL, but will that translate against proper NHL players? Skating was a question, and even with improvement can still be, and he wasn't likely filling a bottom 6, PK role. They tried to sneak him through, possibly even avoiding showcasing him in more games by doing so early. It didn't work. Time will tell if it matters or not.
  8. What Sid said. I'm on board with a claim for Fluery considering how it's gone with Hamonic, even if it's short term. Add to that Keeper's fractured leg, not having heard much of anything useful from Bowey, and it's worth a shot.
  9. I'm known amongst my friends as someone that, even if I have an opposite opinion to them, will have a measured and thoughtful discussion on the topic. I've always been able to do that, listen to their side, respectfully disagree usually, and stay friends. This isn't a subject I've been able to do that though. I've had the thoughtful discussions, figured I made a few good points, and left thinking I may have even won them over or at least opened their minds a little on how bad the contrary information that's out there can be. But then, there's always a new response a day or two later, either in a message direct to me, or on a social media post of mine or someone else's where they're back spouting the latest anti-vaxxer fake news. It may be that I have friends who aren't being so outwardly anti-vax so that I'm only seeing the ones on the edge, but I've never had such a hard time remaining reasonable with people over a topic. I can't keep trying to discuss a topic with people like that. This all has been frustrating enough without having people being so outwardly oppositional while really not being able to back up anything they say with actual facts rather than conspiracy theories. I won't resort to the vitriol, but I can understand why others do, especially when they've been affected personally by Covid. So yes, I'm double vaccinated. I took the AZ as soon as I could get it rather than wait on a Pfizer/Moderna shot, and then waited one week extra for the second to get Moderna. I did it for myself, my friends - especially people I know who can't get vaccinated - and for everyone else in the hopes we'll find a new normal.
  10. Someone better be making sure Klim doesn't skip leg day... But yeah, that and the practice pic with Podkolzin beside Hoglander shows he isn't somehow 6'4" or anything like that. 6'1"/1.5" maybe, but I'm sure he's solidly built.
  11. It's a pretty easily searchable: https://theathletic.com/2708217/2021/07/15/shea-webers-career-threatening-injuries-could-cause-cap-recapture-pain-for-the-predators/ As brownky said, Nashville saved on cap because they paid more real money on his front loaded contract but saved on his lower cap hit, where Montreal pays him less now (but still has had some cap benefit so has some recapture).
  12. Usually teams that have to dump cap quickly have to also give up incentives to do so. That often means picks, and if the dump is big enough, it probably means a 1st, which then rules them out. Not that it's impossible, just unlikely.
  13. That's if they have the required picks or not.
  14. I liked the theory, but the results weren't there. Granted, they didn't have any DPs all season, and Ryan Gauld is looking promising coming in during our no loss streak, but MDS hadn't shown enough.
  15. No one chooses to have dump and chase as their main form of zone entry. It's forced upon teams/lines that have a lower skill level than the opposition for controlling the puck. Sometimes it's good to mix it up with the odd dump and chase - particularly when you think you can catch a team unaware - but every team would prefer to be able to skate the puck in.
  16. This is especially true when for Rathbone to succeed he'll need the kind of minutes that best use his skills. With Hughes at least and OEL ahead of him for those type of minutes, and that we can't just keep him on the bench until those minutes present themselves in a game. PP is the obvious answer, but 2nd unit. He'll get time 5 on 5, but what kind of zone starts can we give him and still share with the others? PK is very unlikely. It's possible he fits over Juolevi, but the team has requirements it must fill as you say.
  17. Do you mean this one? It was there when I replied, so I couldn't understand why you were upset. That, and why you'd call out the mods in a thread considering all the other crap going on. But you do you.
  18. I don't know if the NHL or CHL only rule applies only if a player was drafted from the CHL, or if it would also apply if he played in the CHL for a season after the draft. It may not. Obviously overseas is not impacted either way.
  19. Actually, there is a provision for players who are 18/19 as of Sept 15th in their signing year. If he were 19 and turning 20 before the end of the year, then it wouldn't. I stand corrected. I still wouldn't have any issue with having him in the AHL though.
  20. You think after everything else going on in this thread your GIF getting deleted gets a courtesy message? The mods have been busy enough, I wouldn't get too worried about it. But that's some perspective. After a thread about a depth UFA defenceman signing reaching 90+ pages, we can worry about a post and a pissing match. Glad we don't have as much to worry about as we have at some really low times in Canucks history.
  21. Oh, you absolutely pay for potential. Especially in a free agent market with other teams interested. If a team didn't think there was any potential for improvement, they wouldn't have stuck around when they found out other team were in, they would have put up and offer they thought was worth what he'd already showed and then seen if he'd accepted. But that's even true with re-signing your own RFAs, and we'll see that with Pettersson and Hughes. You definitely don't pay to 100% of their potential, because they rarely reach it, but also to make sure to get some value back for having a little faith. Regardless, you can bet the players' agents are all arguing potential when negotiating new contracts, so it factors in.
  22. Do you think AV will change his mind? Then it's time to change yours, at least about continuing to argue with him. Anyone who wants to read through all these mostly useless pages will see the truth of it. Now, anyone want to talk about Poolman in a normal conversation?
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