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  1. You know what dude. You probably helped kill this channel, by posting it in here. You think the Canucks would be happy to hear people can get the game free. Think next time.

    1. CaNuCk_in_NzL


      Was posted in October and if the NHL won't allow Canucks games to be broadcast in New Zealand on t.v. Except for the odd game I will find it any way I can. As long as the show that I watch has the same ads as Canadian t.v. Stations they are getting paid so why should the Canucks care?

    2. CaNuCk_in_NzL


      Btw, the channel and broadcaster is still broadcasting so I still get to watch for free. Go Canucks go!

  2. love your sig!

  3. Damn. I usually like MacLean. Still do, but agree with everyone else that it was very one sided. Maybe the fact that he was a ref at one point has something to do with it. Props to Coach V and Mike Gillis for sticking up for one of their most talented and competitive players. Hopefully this story dies off though. Getting tired of hearing about it. Plus, there's so much more interesting things to talk about in regards to the Canucks this year.
  4. just wanna say your sig rocks!!!

  5. E_R

    nice sig

  6. haha, like the "Mitchell = Johnny Canuck" sig =)

  7. Thanx for playing hard as ya do.
  8. teehee, i love mcfly.