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  1. It's a disgrace and sums up modern football. I've posted this elsewhere, but I think there's massive hypocrisy from some about this, particularly from some of the big hitters at UEFA and in the media, both of whom have enabled this. These commercial ideals were invented by UEFA themselves and they've facilitated the transfer of power to the rich for decades, so they've dug this hole themselves. The smaller leagues in Europe, which include some historically huge clubs, have been slowly forced out of premier European competition in favour of multiple teams from wealthier
  2. I think I've won something like 13 of my last 14 matchups and I still can't get past Jaku or Phil.
  3. The media coverage has been insufferable. Every scheduled TV show cancelled to show the same thing on every channel, 24 hours a day. Substitute it for Kim Jon Un and North Korea and it wouldn't look out of place. Sad when anyone dies but it's been pathetic.
  4. This whole album is a masterpiece imo, but this song never fails to improve my mood. Don't know what it is about it.
  5. What a goal. Furious that the refs have gifted them a point that could well decide playoff spots though. Absolutely pathetic tonight.
  6. Virtanen is clueless out there And that was flat out lazy from Miller
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