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  1. If I'm the defense I'm pissed. Couldn't have done more to give the offense a chance in OT and they throw it away like that.
  2. The Newcastle situation annoys me as I hate the mega-rich buying clubs to be their play-thing. Especially given the owners and Saudi's record with regards to human rights. As with the Super League there's been a massive amount of hypocrisy from the bigger clubs though, all of whom are guilty of being funded from less than ethical sources. They see them as a threat to their own dominance. I like Newcastle as a city and the Geordies are good craic, but I won't be rooting for them.
  3. Just want to take the opportunity to say &^@# Tyler Bertuzzi and his pea-sized brain. Thanks.
  4. No harm done ultimately but those calls were bull$&!#. What's ridiculous is the ref knew he'd messed up the high stick call and made up a slashing call to try and cover for it
  5. If you're struggling for numbers I'm happy to join.
  6. Connor - Crosby - Pastrnak Tkachuk - Pettersson - Laine Farabee - Barzal - Garland Kotkaniemi - Dubois Makar - Sergachev Ristolainen - Seider Hellebuyck Grubauer Mrazek
  7. I think only the champion gets 9. The rest of us have 8. Are we drafting today?
  8. Who could possibly have seen this coming? Disclaimer: This post may contain sarcasm
  9. Seahawks aren't making the playoffs with this defense or offensive line. The defense in particular has been awful in this one.
  10. Hellebuyck Makar Pettersson Barzal Connor Pastrnak Crosby Laine (too risky to drop)
  11. Just haven't turned up in the 2nd half or OT. Thrown the game away.
  12. Seahawks defense is brutal.
  13. It's a mess. The number of dead will be far higher than the 10 being reported just now. Poor people.
  14. Why not just retain more and take the hit this year instead of having that significant hit next year? It doesn't make sense.
  15. I don't know. Eventually you'd reach the point where football would be walking pace. It's tough enough to play 120 mins.
  16. I don't think so either. The amount of talent on the bench is ridiculous, and to be honest I question why it wasn't better utilised tonight. I like Southgate as he's a very humble guy, but I think you can question his use of it. Perhaps that's harsh given that he's made a WC semi and Euro final.
  17. My genuine commiserations to the real England fans here. I didn't want you to win (understatement), but I can't think of a worse way to lose it. It'll hurt. As much as I hate to admit it, you'll be competitive in future with the talent at your disposal. Feel for Saka, just a kid.
  18. The way this has been hosted has been a bit of a shambles to be honest, and you can't hold that against England, even if they've benefited more than others. Having high profile games played in front of a disinterested crowd in Baku, which isn't even in Europe, is awful. Thank God it's back to a single host in 2024. Germany 2006 was a fantastic tournament.
  19. It's consistently the best if you believe the English press, who look down on anything that isn't English. They have the most money. For a while La Liga dominated European football, Bayern and the Bundesliga have had their moments. The Premier League sides had a pretty good season last year. But it's not surprising when you see the sums that Man City and Chelsea pay for players.
  20. Of course I would, because it wasn't a penalty. It never should be. It's embellishment, diving. Whatever you want to call it.
  21. Realistically Ukraine were always unlikely to win, but that's a poor result. Denmark definitely have what it takes to put them in their place. The arrogance has been off the charts in the last few days.
  22. Better to be labeled a HF sycophant than an immigrant hating, right wing gammon that resorts to posting 10 German bombers when his big team wins.
  23. You wouldn't be out of place at an EDL rally either tbh.
  24. That stadium is like an EDL rally. Scum the lot of them. Someone do the world a favour and knock them out. Edit: For the record I mean the EDL types. Just in case anyone thinks I mean every English fan
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