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  1. this aint EA Sports my friend good presentation though
  2. What an awesome trade wow i dont know how he pulled that off im shocked two greatr players for a 9th OA just amazing and takes 3 terrible contracts off the books holy smack way to go Jiimbo
  3. I d take either Chucky in a heartbeat theres a reason Chucky wears an A in Calgary and he will be there next Captain when Giordano's tender is done.
  4. Yeah hopefully to the Nucks. Please make it happen
  5. Woa Jimmy, I agree with a lot of what your saying you just stepped over the line. to say Chucky wouldnt be a good fit here is a fallacy, Chucky tottally a team player WTF he's a guy everyone wants on your team.Go tell Hughes Chucky wouldnt be a good fit on this team, but then what do i know I think Miller rubs a lot a players on our team the wrong way .
  6. No doubt at least Jake has a job.lol
  7. lack of hockey sense i dont see it, i really don't the kid great vision positions himself well defensively. Yeah ill admit he lacks a little intensity maybe dosnt take the game as seriously as some would like but i think with a different set of coaches Jake could flourish really are coaches never played a physical game and don't coach a physical game I think early in Jakes career he got a lot of flack for getting outta position chasing the big hit to where now he 's not looking to hit. Jake needs a coach that wants him to play physical dosnt mind if he gets caught outta position occasonally an
  8. Yeah they looked awesome against Wpg offense looked so good lol
  9. cause were actually competing for a playoof spot. Like seriously we are, were in. 2021 were in. Otttawa, Detroit umm no.
  10. Ah they gotta keep his goals down so we can sign him cheap cant have him hittin 20
  11. I agree with Bree Marky had a good game made some nice saves sure he boggled the puck twice but 2 out the 3 goals wernt his fault. Markstrom played well.
  12. Having Erickson on Horvat's line this long is definitely reason enough wtf
  13. I think our coaches have coached the physicality out of this team Benning's tried to give us some push but then hired these soft coaches who played a small mans game probably all wished they played in the NHL today. Our team doesn't fair well when other play aggressive pp stinks get Boeser outta there and Rousel on 2nd unit wtf. Rousel not bringing anything to this team bring in Bailey or Macewen. Don't get me wrong I like where we are in the standings, like winning but we have to be more physical something our coaching staff cant phantom.
  14. You mean playing behind a dud like Gudbranson who wouldn't be pissed.
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