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  1. i forgot what you called your web site...i have a great memory, it's just short.

  2. Hey Bazooka. Kick ass photoshop work with the Canucks flag-raising. Can you please shoot me an email at zanstorm99@yahoo.ca?

    I would like to give it more attention than it's already getting!

    Again, nice work!

  3. zanstrom, do you live across the lane from charles hansen or further down...if the little place is yours, i see you had trouble getting all the grass cut.....that's a large yard....cheers

  4. the golfer i knew was carl zanberg......i think jim zanberg works at newpro and an old neighbor doug vanderscaf, i believe works there....canucks/ sjs tonight....go canucks

  5. hi sean, are you related to jim or sid? years ago i used to golf with a railroader named zanberg but i can't remember his first name....i think he passed away......i remember he was quite tall.....i know some people that work at newpro but i can't remember their names right now....later sean.

  6. I'm Sean Zandberg. I work at Newpro in management. Hey! I live right across from the christian elementary school! I'll keep an eye out for ya. Maybe we can talk Canucks some time

  7. hi, i am retired but i've been a custodian at sss, i've driven school bus, i've worked with young offenders at the rap program. i've coached hockey and baseball for many years when my son was going through it. i do some work at the bulkley lodge and also some janitoring at the christian elementary school.......what do you do in smithers? my son is into gaming. my last name is pratte. cheers

  8. Hey Joe! I live in Smithers too. Have for 35 years. Can't say I recognize you though

  9. Northern BC? I'm from Smithers. You from around here, diesel? Happy holidays to you, and thanks!
  10. Kes, you have been playing super well for weeks now and I tip my hat to you. I wish you and the team success in the coming weeks. The Colorado game was a blessing to watch and you all took a step in the right direction. I play guitar and don't like Guitar Hero. I suckered in to a PS3 and only play NHL 08 and Tiger Woods 08 until the new Grand Theft Auto comes out. Anyways, keep up the great work and thanks for taking time to blog your thoughts. Yeah, what the hell is up with the big layoff here, and how do you guys shake off the rust pregame? With a super hard workout?
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