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  1. interesting list. Are you a scout, or did you get all the info from other sites?
  2. I am an avid Tweeter. I think it's a great way to keep up with topics you are interested in, as I do with hockey and the sports world in general. I follow many junior hockey organizations, particularly ones situated in the West, to get the scoop to stay informed because many news organizations do not follow them enough to my liking. About a month ago, I tweeted to the Prince George Spruce Kings wondering if they intend on filling their GM role soon. Honestly, I was not expecting much of an answer. I was only curious because it's been a couple of months since they fired their old GM and Head
  3. I would put in Enstrom for Byfuglien. Enstrom runs the PP in Atlanta, and makes guys like Byfuglien and Ladd look good. Very underrated.
  4. It's finally started. It all began in April, when I sent a long email to the UBC Men's hockey team explaining my love for the game and what I want to do with it in the future, and asking for some kind of a job within the team. Between then and now, after a handful of meetings discussing my role with the team, the season finally arrived, and I couldn't be anymore happier with how it has all turned out on Friday and Saturday. From April to the moments before the game started, I really didn't know what to expect out of this whole experience. I was a little intimidated and in awe, because being
  5. First of all, I have to give a huge thanks to Sports Management Worldwide. They did everything first-class and I had a great time attending their hockey conference and the draft. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great hockey people and network with them. At downtown Sheraton, there were a ton of people from the NHL, like Mark Recchi who just signed a one year deal with the Boston Bruins to continue a great career, several Nashville Predators scouts, Joel Quennville and David Poile. During the hockey conference, there was a great panel of speakers like Mike Johnston, ex-assistant coach
  6. Fruition, you have many great points like suggesting Luongo has the make up of a great captain, because I agree full heartedly that he does, but I just do not think he can handle the pressure of wearing a C while being a starting goaltender in a city like Vancouver. An interesting point you suggest is that he is "able to convey encouraging and game-changing advice to other teammates." Have you been in the dressing room yourself and heard whatever advices Luongo was giving to his team? To clarify, other than the post game interview after game 6, I never said Luongo had a bad attitude. I
  7. Roberto Luongo is the only goaltender in the league who is the captain of his respective team. A captain has the responsibility of talking to the referees during the game regarding penalty calls or concerns they have, and to face the media every single day. A goaltender cannot leave the crease to talk to referees, and talking to the media every day takes a toll on someone that has a lot to focus on. So should Luongo be captain or not? A goaltender is a unique position in hockey. It is a team sport, but the position is largely based on individual performance, and as an ice hockey goaltender
  8. I would be shocked if Burrows scores 30 goals ever again without the Sedins.
  9. Who would have thought? The humble, identical twins from Ornskoldsvik, Sweden have become superstars in the the NHL and it's about time. They won't be replacing Ovechkin and Crosby as the faces of the NHL anytime soon, but their names should be up there with the greats in this league. They have been dominating the league with linemates Alex Burrows and Mikael Samuelsson. Henrik has picked up 93 points in 69 games, on pace for 111 points this year, and Daniel has 68 points in 51 games, and if he could play all 82 games in the year, he is on pace to pick up 109 points in a full season, bot
  10. Team Canada now has a long and tough journey to win Gold, and I really believe the lack of intensity and goaltending has led them to this road. Canada's forecheck has been very disappointing to see because it just lacks the speed and physicality to retrieve pucks and punish the opposing defensemen. Every forward needs to pick up the slack and really play like it's the last game of their careers to see any affect. Another issue with Canada has been goaltending, and it has been widely publicized. As an ice hockey goalie myself, I really sympathize with Martin Brodeur and the criticism he's b
  11. this weather is absolutely ridiculous. WHY IS IT RAINING NOW????? And I don't understand how high school teachers are going to get to work when the majority of the population is having trouble getting out of their houses.
  12. please don't tell me you were using that NikeBauer XXXXs outside
  13. apparently 40 cm of snow is expected in Burnaby i absolutely hate this
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