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  1. Facebook has experts in everything you'd need.
  2. lol. Boston Fans crying on twitter about missed calls.. Biased reffing.. Oh the irony..
  3. It is EASHL.. there are just 17 players on the team.. Whomever the GM is of the team will create the lines for the games throughout the week. Each game having 3 forwards 2 defense and a goalie. Each player(forward/defense) can play a max of 3 games a week.. While the goalies could do a 6/3 split(when i played many years ago) If a player did not show up.. or was unable to play their full 3 games for the week you were able to call up a player from your minor league team(and they could only be called up for 1 game a week but still had there how ever many in the league they were in)
  4. Ah.. The good old VHL.. I played there many years ago.. Was fun.. Got to manage a few AHL teams of my own.
  5. Born in the US.. Raised in Canada.. Wasnt brock 'hailed' from Canada for his last UFC fight he got caught doping for? But most people say they're from where they grew up.. or where they currently live.. Or in the case of Miz.. Part of his heel persona.
  6. I have to admit.. Goldberg didnt actually do a horrible job on the few episodes of The Flash he was on..
  7. Maybe the losing after winning is WWEs way of having a heal turn?? She's gonna get pissed off and attack someone?
  8. Holy crap Cena went all out on Roman.. Saying everything the fans think about both of them.
  9. I got bored as soon as the cena/bella match came on.. thankfully I download and watch.. started skipping parts.. Would have been better if they gave taker the win.. And then him do the stuff he did.. would have had the same feel to it.. oh well.
  10. http://www.wrestlingnewssource.com/news/43832/BREAKING-NEWS-Alberto-El-PatronDel-Rio-Stabbed-GRAPHIC-PHOTOS/ Del Rio stabbed
  11. So.. Why was Clash of Champions not a cross brand PPV? Figure with a name like that they'd have matches from the champs from both shows and give Raws PPV a different name..
  12. Well.. the little crap town in sask I live in has zero pokestops.. no gyms etc.. so.. I had to do some against the rules stuff to get my pokeball count up so I could keep playing without running out of pokeballs eventually.
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