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  1. It's fine, he isn't as terrible defensively as his +/- suggests. Being a league worst - just gives us more leverage in contract negotiations.
  2. I really hope that they did their homework on this Highmore guy and there's something that no one else sees in him. This better not be just a trade for the sake doing something at the deadline.
  3. Definitely feels like he did this for the sake of making a trade. He knew he wouldn't hear the end of it from fans and media if he sat and did nothing at the deadline, which probably would have been better if he did.
  4. Are there any other GMs who manage to spend as much as Benning does every year and still have a bottom 10 team?
  5. Was hoping for around 4-4.5 since he hasn't shown he can keep it up for a full season yet and he's on a hot streak right now but this is fair enough. There was no way he was taking less than his backup and I can't see his play dropping off anytime soon at his age.
  6. Yikes, thats an ugly contract. They're basically paying him back now for his rookie season.
  7. He's a total bust and there's no defending this pick anymore but why even bother trading him when his value is probably a 4th rounder at this point? I'd rather just keep him, lower our standards, and turn him into serviceable bottom 6 guy.
  8. The normal prices were already pushing it, we ain't gonna pay more. Nice try, Francesco.
  9. The stars completely aligned for the Avs in that deal. The Sens were coming off a huge playoff run before acquiring Duchene and fully expected to be a contenders and end up with late picks instead of becoming the worst team and ending up with top 5 picks for the next few years.
  10. Gave him a nice contract after a fluke year when we had more important players to re-sign and then try to trade him when his value plummets... Just Benning things
  11. Benning overpays in trades and signings for a bunch of scrubs... OwNerShIp MaDe HiM Do IT Benning doesn't pay to keep good players... OwNerShIp MaDe HiM Do IT There's no defending this guy anymore. He's made some good moves but manages to take 2 steps back for every step forward.
  12. Made us look like the Senators tonight. At least Toffoli only scored one goal on us today.
  13. That's why I said M.Tkachuk in my post. That scrub was nowhere to be seen tonight, glad we passed him up.
  14. Goals scored tonight: Juolevi-1 M.Tkachuk-0. Check mate haters
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