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  1. So glad this happened after our 2 big signings. Although, I'm afraid of what this will mean when we gotta re-sign Boeser.
  2. He had his shot at cracking a weak defence that's paper thin on depth in his D+5 season and blew it. We can't cling on to draft pedigree forever, it just leads to use making dumb moves like holding on to trash players like Gudbranson and Virtanen for way too long.
  3. I wonder what value he has left. I'm ready to cut the losses if we could possibly get a 3rd rounder or something instead of clinging on to him and getting nothing in return like Virtanen.
  4. Horrible contract. Hope this cripples the Oilers but not badly enough to get anymore lottery picks.
  5. What a mess, they both sound like scummy people. Kane's rep doesn't help so there is likely some truth to this and his ex-wife just chose to deal with this situation in the most immature and dramatic way possible.
  6. Was anyone else able to find former NHL players from this league and their draft year stats? Having a hard time finding this info
  7. Peace out Jake the mistake. You're an absolute disgrace to this team and the entire game. I only wish that there was some way to keep him from getting the remainder of his contract paid.
  8. Coyotes ended up with a guy named Boko Imama so I gotta give them the W on this one.
  9. For those thinking that OEL is going to miraculously bounce back to being a top pairing d at age 30 after declining the last few years, spoilers: he won't. Garland is the real centerpiece we're getting here and can really make or break this trade for us if we can sign him to a good value contract.
  10. Jake Virtanen. For real though, I'd be surprised if it isn't Miller and Myers
  11. So many bad contracts that we don't even need to worry about wasting protection spots for a bunch of our players... Jim Benning out there playing 4d chess
  12. I'm pretty anti-Benning but I'm with him on avoiding Seth Jones. Targeting big name guys on the market who have an insane asking price is NOT the way to do it.
  13. Our depth on D is awful, I'm not sure if trading one of our few NHL quality defensemen is good idea unless we somehow get a better dman back. Benning has been absolutely atrocious at signing/trading for defesemen (Sbisa, Gudbranson, MDZ, the list goes on and on) and bringing Schmidt is probably the best that he's been able to do in his tenure for our defense, sadly.
  14. Stop laughing guys. Podkolzin is literally a generational player. People need to shut up about when Ovie is going to break Gretzky's goal record and start talking about when Pod is going to break his goal AND points record.
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