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  1. Do we want a CDC NHL10 player-sim ?

  2. happy birthday!! :P

  3. nah, im just gunna go keep pristiging till i get a different game that i'll play alot (GOW2 + COD 5 or watever)

  4. I would have done the same!

    So u trying to get to tenth prestige?

    It may take me awhile I got the red rings

  5. i lost gold drag + gold shotty :P

    Just got to bored of being lvl 55 lol.

  6. I see you prestiged! and lost you gold drag! why?

  7. lol Cartman is a wierd ursername serge was actually better...

  8. The Money are ut he Site admin of that site that has only 21 users? cause im Jonny on it if its the one i am thinkin of

  9. nice ig rofl!!

  10. u still doing cdc 2k7 regular now?

  11. When you going to make my sig?

  12. 32JT55

    So we gunna go through with the LeClaire offer i made cause i need to know so i pm sony changes to the trades so that my Salary Cap will be under because before the trade i was just abit over and i got a idea to pm him etc..

  13. 32JT55

    What about my trade offers? i pmd u them

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