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  1. March 26, 2007....read it way longer than that before I made an account.
  2. I just bought a 75 inch Samsung and just last week this receiver. What a difference in the picture on the TV from my older Yamaha. I have PSB tower speakers in the front...PSB bookshelf in the back. Klipsch center speaker and small Klipsch subwoofer which between the PSB towers shake the house pretty good. I will have to take an updated picture.
  3. New Blue Rodeo album coming out soon. The 1st song they have released from it today
  4. The main reason was Canadians can't use it.
  5. Waay waay too much for someone who has played 1 year in the NHL.
  6. The last seat projections from the last polling before the election
  7. Watched O'Toole's presser on CBC this morning. Guy cant give a straight answer about anything especially about who of his candidates are not vaccinated. It was all just blame Trudeau for everything.
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