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  1. Can someone explain to me why people are against vaccine passports? We have passports for travel.....driver's licenses.....hell anyone with a cell phone or who is on the internet is being tracked. Are the same people against showing vaccine records for kids in school? Can someone enlighten me?
  2. 24 hours after my 2nd Moderna shot.....no side effects and not even a sore arm.
  3. Got my 2nd jab of Moderna at !0:45 this morning. Never felt a thing. Arm isn't sore. Yet.
  4. As one of the old folks here.....I started watching hockey in the mid 60's so I got to watch them all. No one could change a game like Bobby Orr. He would toy with teams then skate thru them by himself and score. He would also fight anyone. If only his knees had not given out I wonder how much more he could have done. So he is my pick although Wayne.... Mario or Gordie are all deserving.
  5. As of July 5, fully vaccinated Canadian citizens and permanent residents can cross the U.S.-Canada border and return to Canada without having to quarantine. However, this does not apply to fully vaccinated Americans
  6. I saw that on the news. Was that you in the story?
  7. If you have ever went thru a heart wrenching breakup......
  8. I just lost my Dad a couple weeks ago.. This song has always made me tear up. Now it is even worse.
  9. Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy. Movie starred Nick Nolte
  10. Canada doesn't have Freedom of Speech. we have Freedom of Expression
  11. LMAO...... burned down the city? You must watch Fox News as that is the headline they would run.
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