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  1. 2-0-0. I should step down as GM and retire undefeated in RGMG 5.0.
  2. The only time I ever pay for UFC anymore is if I'm having friends over and we go in on it. Either that or I'll go to a bar, or find other means to watch it.....other means. It's incredibly easy to not have to pay these days for sports. ....or so I hear.
  3. I feel like everyone should be tagged that it's line sending time. So I'll just throw out the whole list. - @Zfetch - @Tylez - @Nail + @JE14 - @Alain Vigneault + @Sane33 - @BM24 - @Zach Parise - @Patrick Kane - @Herberts Vasiljevs - @Ilya Kovalchuk. - @SliteriousBlackbeard - @Go Faulk Yourself - @Tanev - @Master Mind - @Dion Phaneuf - @OurTimeToShine - @Spoderman - @Brocks Flow - @Baer. - @Vrienzy - @MikeyBoy44 - @Jaku - @Zhukini - @DollarAndADream - @morrissex95 - @ThaManbeast - @inane - @StevieY.19 - @Caboose - @Time Lord - @Blue Jay 22 - @kj29
  4. Flyers Patrick Maroon - Anze Kopitar - Patrick Kane Kris Versteeg - Matt Duchene - Reilly Smith Michael Raffl - Jordan Weal - Timo Meier Antoine Roussel - Brock McGinn - Alex Chiasson Reid Boucher Brian Dumoulin - Andrew MacDonald Brady Skjei - Radko Gudas Olli Maata - Nate Schmidt Nikita Zadorov, Ryan Pulock Marc-Andre Fleury Steve Mason
  5. Holy &^@#, you guys with so many trades.
  6. Looking to land a bottom 6 centerman.
  7. Philadelphia Flyers Patrick Maroon - Anze Kopitar - Patrick Kane Kris Versteeg - Matt Duchene - Reilly Smith Michael Raffl - Jordan Weal - Timo Meier Antoine Roussel - Reid Boucher - Alex Chiasson Brock McGinn Brian Dumoulin - Andrew MacDonald Olli Maata - Radko Gudas Brady Skjei - Ryan Pulock Nikita Zadorov - Nate Schmidt Marc-Andre Fleury Steve Mason
  8. If it is, I'll have notifications turned off....but still pop in sometimes for cameos like I did before. Of course can still be contacted directly through it, but the big group chat just had my phone going off all day and I wasn't down for that.
  9. Man, I actually forgot this existed for awhile there.
  10. If Boeser doesn't score against Edmonton, I'm going to riot! 3 games pointless is too much for Brocky! Seriously though, hopefully the boys can take advantage of Edmonton's recent struggles. Boeser definitely has been playing a lot more minutes this season than he ever has in his career, so it's probably nice for him to get that bye week. Horvat returning soon should definitely spark something too.
  11. Dat moment when Bo Horvat is the featured player of January in the Canucks calendar. I think that means he's coming back in January for sure. I'm not even going to a game this season until he's back.
  12. Once the Horizon story gets going, $&!# gets real interesting.
  13. Definitely a huge delayed response on my part, but it's my GOTY for sure. Beats out Zelda: Breath of the Wild for me. One of the best free roamers ever, with great, fluid combat. The story is amazing as well, and Aloy is an excellent protagonist to add as one of the faces of Playstation. I definitely had some open-world exhaustion for awhile there though, considering Horizon and Zelda came out within a few days of each other, so it was hard going back and forth. Ultimately, I put down Zelda for awhile so I could keep playing Horizon, which I think says a lot of which game I like better. THey're both amazing games, of course, but I think it depends on taste. Horizon is more of a tribal, sci-fi, open world, robot animal killing game with great combat. Just the things you can do with the bow, while running around, setting traps, etc. It's really good. Zelda is obviously good too, and I'm still trying to play and beat that too, but I think considering I finished Horizon's main story and side quests long ago, and almost Platinum'd it says which game I like better. The Horizon DLC is something else too. Some of the best snow physics engine ever.
  14. Horizon: Zero Dawn wins Best Storytelling and Playstation Game of the Year at the Golden Joystick Awards. Ashly Burch (voice of Aloy in Horizon) wins Best Gaming Performance and Breakthrough Award. Zelda won Game of the Year, which isn't too surprising.
  15. I don't mind the Gagner signing. He's been decent in the games that our team have been decent, and that's not many of them. We've only played 4 games, so it's hard to judge, especially with the showing against Calgary and Winnipeg by the whole team. He's created a few chances here and there, and has been better than others have.
  16. Man, nice card, all things considered. Mighty Mouse is the &^@#ing man. Lando/Green was exciting as hell. Then Ferguson fight was as exciting, just like expected. Excited to see Tony face McGregor when it comes, loved his fighting style since TUF. He basically had to call out McG the way that he did, it's just the way it works these days to ensure the fight happens. McG probably thinking of Diaz III or GSP after Bisping fights him. He needs to defend that belt eventually.
  17. This season is starting off with a lot of goals and hat tricks. Lots of horrible goaltending nights. Makes me wonder what we're in for on Saturday.

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    2. JM_


      Marky to Nilsson "no its ok, you take it"

    3. Alflives


      What we're in for on Saturday night is a Canucks beat down on the LOSER COILERS.  I see us not only winning by at least 3 goals, but also see McDavid injured on a Virtanen hit.  It will be GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!

    4. JM_


      we could also just see McD lose face-offs...oh wait he didn't actually take any draws in his first game. Face-offs are his kryptonite I guess. 

  18. Threaten talking to the Better Business Bureau or something. Lol, as a kid my mom used to do that all the time and threaten to go on the news, etc whenever one of our PS2's got the light of death. Because of all the known reports about people's PS2's breaking down, she would argue they are purposely built disposable or something. It happened twice and I got 2 free PS2's and a controller out of it. I don't know. I wouldn't go as far as her as that takes some kind of work and mentality but dealing with Sony does, in fact, suck. I remember years ago with one of my PS3's it was $200 to repair my PS3, even though at the time, it was $250 for a new PS3 Slim. That was a no-brainer to just get a new one, since them repairing my PS3 would delete everything anyways. So dumb. I still have that PS3 Slim to this day too.
  19. @Salacious Crumb Do not buy Metal Gear Solid. It's free next month if you get Playstation Plus. With Playstation Plus (the online subscription you buy to play online with the console, although I'm sure you know that now) you get free games every month. Also, right now inFAMOUS: Second Son is free on Plus if you want to try that. It's one of the launch titles for the PS4 and pretty fun. You're a guy with different elemental powers in a big city. If you liked games like Demon Hunter, you'll probably love Resogun. It's like a sidescrolling space ship shooter game too.
  20. This thread reminds me of when Horvat was invisible during his Young Stars days. He got shat on quite a bit.
  21. Check out the site, dude. http://www.vhlforum.com/ I've been there for a few years, and still going strong with players.
  22. Yeah, Carcone kind of just tagged him with an easy shot to the face as he was falling down. If Mayweather sees that he'll be like, what?
  23. Going off of what I was saying before where I was remembering a big game Sanford had as a Canuck, it might have been this one. I decided to look it up, lol. https://www.hockey-reference.com/boxscores/200710210CBJ.html
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