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  1. Travis and the Canucks staff did everything they could for Jake.

    The only mistake the team made was to hi-light him in that first season piling pressure on an 18YO that was at a 14YO maturity level. They thought Bo handled it, so why can't Jake. They realized it and pulled back the reins adding years of development to avail. 

    Simply put his didn't have the IQ or heart to excel at this level. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

    And the facial expressions.....

    OEL actually reminds me of an old #19 from Van in his interview.

    He has Pettersson and a couple swedish twins in the hood so he should be energized!

    If he can produced 40+ points without a ton of PP1 time and take care of the other teams top lines reasonably well he's worth 7M for the next few years.

    Garland is the icing on the cake though IMO as he solidifies  our forward group now.

    Now move Schimdt and Holtby, spend some cash on some RHD's and I think we are finally ready to be taken seriously.


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  3. 2 minutes ago, appleboy said:

    5 games left. Sitting four from the bottom.  4 against Calgary and one against Oil.

    If we win a bunch of these we can go from bottom 4 to 10 spot.

    I wonder what this team will do? I think we have been in this spot before.


    They will now end a crappie year by winning enough games to give us a crappie draft pick   LOL


    Losing bad top five pick good!


    Losing will inflict short term pain but a top pick could give us a better shot at a player who might make us happy  for 15 years.

    With 2 more back to backs, a realistic record would be 1-4 and end up with a top 5 pick.

    yep, can live with that at this point

  4. 1 minute ago, Fred65 said:

    Just out of interest why did management bring Gadjovich in from Utica if they don't intend to play him. The current players are out of gas getting their a$$ kicked and the have fresh players  sitting out who may or may not be able to play next season, how will we ever know. Seems to me there's a disconnect between GM and coach, It's not a good look

    He will play, you know he'll play..

    next gam

    just needed to get some skates in first after 7 days in a hotel

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