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  1. Is this just coincidence but every line Hogs is on plays well. Bo or Miller just checking.
  2. Utica was an awesome AHL affiliate for us but time to cut out the 3000 mile flights and border issues
  3. I don't think we can call this year a normal year for the Canucks and really not making excuses. Mix worse sched in NHL, worst Covid breakout, and losing your #1 centre/player for the majority of the season to start 2018- 26th 2019- 23rd 2020- 17th so they are getting better....
  4. People can blame the GM / coach and I question some of their decisions, but the bottom line is we are at a disadvantage with a 10M gap in our cap until 2022-23 season. Yes you can blame JB/Linden for the Eriksson signing and a few for the Luongo recapture. We just don't have the depth to compete until this 10M is off the books, so now is the time to get a couple good picks hopefully, develop our youth and basically do what Ottawa is doing. Don't give prospects or picks away to dump Eriksson, Roussel, and even Beagle. Ride it out, and get excited for our prospects, and see how our you
  5. Miller had a decent game. Started pretty good, effort was there at the start but the stable is pretty empty right now
  6. Agreed , Highmore has heart and plays a decent D game. Still needs to on the board if he hopes to keep an NHL job
  7. I think that was Pacer, if memory serves. space age for the time
  8. Hughes seems like he's still suffering from Covid after affects or something else. just looks tired all of the time. Need the old Huggy back!
  9. yeah, we were back a ways on the floor and first thought it was part of his act rolling out of a box onto the floor. Of course back then there was no law and order, so he was hurt when the crowd rushed to get at him as well as the fall. Saw him twice since then and both shows ( one in Kamloops) were awesome.
  10. Have to go with Alice Cooper in Van, played 1 song, fell off stage after 40oz of something , broke his ribs, and tried to choke his way threw "only women bleed" song and called it a night. almost triggered a riot.
  11. nice, always kick myself for not taking in a Rush performance.
  12. Yes, 2-3 years I can see him as the 'right 'balance for Hughes.
  13. Good to know, maybe they picked us up sneaking a mickey of rum in lol
  14. I was there too as a 16 YO, Plant lectured the crowd for getting rowdy and throwing bottles if I recall, and then played almost 4 hours. Unreal show it was Dazed and confused last about 40 minutes of Page magic.
  15. Love that Pearson x 2 look, Bieska says "great coverage Drance"
  16. Agreed so we are 3 years into a rebuild and I don't blame Aqua for retooling while arguably 2 of our top franchise players play out their Careers. Very unique situation with 2 players. Notable trades since 2018 Motte - Vanek Leivo- Carcone Pearson - Guddy Miller- 1st and 3rd Toffoli - 2nd and madden Schmidt - 3rd Notable UFA's- Hamonic, Holtby, Ferland, Myers, Roussel, Beagle We know he drafting history which includes a calder and 2 runner ups along with some good and average picks with Jake being the regrettable one.
  17. Haha! Can't wait for the "Green, do we really need him" 300 page thread have to bite.... is Baumer going over an offer as well?
  18. Not sure why, but I'm going to blame it on the Leafs AKA center of the universe.
  19. He's not perfect , but he's perfect for this team and Huggy. Plays the heavy game, protects against Hughes D liability pretty well, and most importantly stands up for his teammates and protects the net. Also we don't have RD's ready to go in our pipeline right now Think he'll be hard to re-sign with our cap but if we have to walk from Edler to pay Hamonic a bit more, I would take that option.
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