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  1. RIP Schmautzy He has on h#ll of a shot I recall, almost ripping the twine on many occasions
  2. If Montreal maintains 500 hockey we will have to go 14-5 or they crap the bed and go 10-15, we need to go 12-7 and then we still have Calgary to worry about its possible but the odds are going to be tough to get r done man
  3. 7 day quarantine for flying. he could have driven 300 MPH across the country and made it for this game. lol
  4. Last game until the 31st, see Bo going the full 20 minutes on crutches if need be.
  5. This just raised my respect an extra notch with Bo, and reminders of another Canuck warrior that we were fortunate enough to see in this game. about 1 minute in.
  6. I would keep Hughes. We know what we have in Hughes. a phenomenal offensive Dman that could likely sit in the top 5 scoring Dmen over the next 10 years. He's a smart player and will continue to improve his Defensive game over the years. Dahlin has declined each year offensively and this year could due to the nightmare environment Buffalo players are under, but he could also turn into a Tyler Myers type player and be a good D man but not Norris material. Because the jury's out still on Dahlin, Hughes is more of a guaranty and proven product therefore why take the risk whe
  7. He should be ready to go Mar 31 when we return back for the final run. Super to hear Bo is day to day, was sure he broke his foot/ ankle there..
  8. Figure if they lose Wednesday and Bo is out for any length of time, the Clearance sale shall begin
  9. Holy... this is not our game posts galore, injuries , whats next ?
  10. exactly and add Bo now , gonna need a real gut check game Wednesday
  11. its amazing all the Edler bashing on a sub par period. Just have look back to when he returns from an injury and everyone is" thank god he's back!" He may not be the same player, but he is the calming factor for our D corps and plays all the hard minutes
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