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  1. If Toffili had been re-signed, it would have at least made that deal palatable. That he wasn’t made it even worse in hindsight. Good player and a good fit but just an absolute desperation move. Using Madden and the puck for a longer term asset would have been fine. Like with most of the deals I dislike that amounted to getting back short term pieces. It reeked of panic to me and still does.
  2. They can still have 2 on there. Rathbone and Myers would be fine.
  3. Man the good old days. Kind of like having Dowling and Chiasson on there while Podkolzin sits on the bench?
  4. This home stand represents the end of the early season excuses though. Every year it’s the same thing. Team isn’t ready to play. Adjustments are slow to come if they come at all. Tons of excuses blaming outside factors to absolve the coaches from any responsibility. If there aren’t major adjustments to the PP, the PK, and the passive defensive zone strategy in the next few weeks, there needs to be a change. All 3 of those are ineffective at the NHL level. And if they are going to use the drop pass on the pp they need to use it for its whole purpose: to be able to attack the line with speed on entry. The Canucks do it so slowly it kills any positive effect.
  5. I think both are good and should be on the top unit as they are both better options than the 4th forward. We have not had 2 dmen who were top pp guys since arguably the days of Edler, Erhoff, and Salo. Now that we do we can retire the 4 forward system. Rathbone can handle 30 seconds of pp time on the 2nd unit IMO
  6. So does OEL. He is just better at it. Hughes is a passer, not a shooter. That’s not to slag on him. He just doesn’t shoot the puck as well and misses the net a lot.
  7. You clearly don’t quite understand where the value in point shots comes from. They have to be on net. OEL is really good at getting them to be. They also have to be hard enough to be respected on their own. Again, an OEL feature, not a Hughes one. OEL is an overall better PP quarterback than Hughes. But even giving Hughes the option of a cross ice to OEL instead of just over to EP would make Hughes and the whole unit more effective and unpredictable.
  8. Myers has a hard, inaccurate shot. Hughes has an average, inaccurate shot. OEL has a hard, accurate shot. For the D shot to be an option, they have to fear it enough to spread the PKers out to guard against it. That one adjustment alone might be enough room for EP to uncork a one timer.
  9. You need a hard, accurate shot for that to work. OEL has that. Hughes doesn’t.
  10. I know for a fact what is coaching and what is execution. Our execution is not good, partially because the system is not good. The only Canucks guy that moves to any great degree is Hughes. Miller is absolutely the wrong guy to be where he is. He just doesn’t have it right now. Washington has one largely static player, not four.
  11. Hughes shot is average at absolute best and it isn’t good enough to force PKers to guard against it to the degree they have to with OEL. They know Hughes will pass 90% of the time, miss the net another 5%, and hit the net another 5%. They are just playing the odds and it’s clearly working, especially since EP can’t uncork a one timer.
  12. The coaches are the ones who have to give them something efficient to execute though. The PP is struggling because the strategy is still the same and other coaches have caught on how predictable it is. I don’t have to be in the meetings to know that 5 gifted players do not stand around trying to setup the same failed play 10 times unless they are being coached that that is how to execute the coaches strategy. If coaches have no impact, why have them? The structural problems with the PP are coaching issues far more than execution issues.
  13. The power play needs movement. Hughes one move is great but watch how teams set up against our pp. They know it’s going Miller to Hughes to Petey, rinse and repeat. OEL can move and move the puck but he has one thing Hughes doesn’t: the opposition has to be wary of him shooting the puck too.
  14. Totally agree with all of this.
  15. If they are sticking with the one D structure, move Miller off at least until he stops being so predictable and add Hoglander or Garland.
  16. Green is the head coach. Everything is his responsibility ultimately. King looks like he is just trying to replicate what Brown did. 2011 called, it wants its static pp strategy back.
  17. Someone also needs to skate up to EP, grab him by the shoulders, and give him a quarter turn toward Hughes so he is in good one timer position. EP regularly has his left shoulder pointing at Hughes which is why he accepts the puck but can’t shoot it.
  18. I want to see OEL and Hughes on the 1st unit with Boeser, Peter, and Horvat. Give Hughes 3 good shooting options and a net front guy. Instantly makes the 1st unit more unpredictable as long as they actually move a bit.
  19. Karlsson is meh but didn’t even realize this was the Gadj thread lol. On another note, Gadj looked pretty ready for the nhl.
  20. If you read what Doug Wilson said about him though, he apparently did nothing of the sort. The team was fully supportive of him going back to Sweden. Honestly, the “he didn’t want to do what it took” argument could currently apply to a really big chunk of our team. It’s just always used against players and in support of Benning. I feel in losing all these young guys for nothing the “ he didn’t want to do what it took” argument also applies to Benning equally. It’s easier to give up on young players than extract value from them I guess.
  21. It’s funny how he willingly finished that season in the AHL for SJ though. The problem seems to have been rooted around Utica and coaching, not self entitlement to not play in the AHL. He just seemed to not want to play in Utica specifically for the coaching staff there.
  22. That’s fair. But you very conveniently ignore that there is almost always another side to the story in these situations. If players don’t feel they are treated fairly or the organization is negatively impacting their future, it’s understandable that they try to protect their own interests.
  23. Fair points. But he is the one who purposely limited his on ice situation by sitting out training camp for money. So not a lot of sympathy there.
  24. There’s the talk. Now let’s see the walk. No offense but I am sick of empty words not backed up by reality. If this is him being hungry at all let alone hungrier, the Canucks are &^@#ed.
  25. Petterssen should be on the wing anyway IMO. His faceoff issues are just one factor.
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